Thursday, June 1, 2017

Appreciate the small stuff (it's HUGE!) . . .

Dave Ryan in the Morning
KDW Spelling Bee

Here is the FaceBook link to the event: KDW Spelling Bee

Oh My, Folks,

Let's just say, I learned a lot today. 

I think I am a 25+ year-old in a 51 year-old body. I was in a spelling bee this morning and I was SO excited!

I get super happy from small things--like stickers (especially Hello Kitty), sparkly pens, and Sharpies. Before my amazing husband, Keith, and I were married, we used to go on dates to coffee shops and office supply stores.

I love the little things in life. Seriously.

And I got to participate in the KDWB Spelling Bee this morning. 

And I started a really elaborate story about whyI lost and how it wasn't fair--and then I caught myself.

And I thought: I went to Target last night to buy a flipper, a snorkel, fins, a pineapple floatie, and goggles (see below).

I was so excited and happy! And I was so lucky to participate! Even tough I didn't win, it was totally amazing to be so excited about something. And I realize that I get to pick me attitude about absolutely everything in my life--including being just as happy and grateful for the person who won just as if I had won myself!

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