Thursday, August 30, 2012

gOt pEaCe!?

“If you let go a little you will have a little peace; 
if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; 
if you let go completely you will have 
complete peace.” 

Ajahn Chah

Isn't it so weird to think that forgiveness is not about the other person? but rather, about you letting go of the gross, crappy feelings that constantly bug you and inhabit your mind and heart?

I used to think that if I forgave someone, it meant that what they did was okay--but that's NOT TRUE

I also thought that if I forgave someone, the thing that made me sad or mad or hurt was somehow supposed to be erased from history (you know, the whole forgive and forget thing?...that did NOT  ever work for me, BTW)...

Maybe, we are supposed to forgive, and then NOT forget the lesson we learned from our experience of feeling sad or mad or hurt by someone else. Maybe, the person was actually sent to us, to teach us a lesson about ourselves (I know this is weirder and weirder territory!...stay with me !)

Just maybe .  .  .  we are supposed to forgive, and then remember--not because we can keep punishing the other person for hurting us--but so we can NEVER PUT OURSELVES in the position where the same thing can happen to us again...

Have you ever noticed that the same lessons keep showing up in your life and you are like, "What the heck? Why does this keep happening to me?"

Well, guess what? The Universe is trying to get your attention... cuz it's YOU who needs to do something different.

And that's Go(o)d news, cuz you are in control of you!

Hmmmnnnn.....feels kind of SCARY powerful, doesn't it... in a good way?

Think about it, yo'---

Love you!


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