Wednesday, July 27, 2016

u R a pRoDucER! mAkE iT g(o)oD!

Do you know that YOU (and I!) are responsible for the movies we create and how we assign meaning to the events of our lives? (Someone has to tell you this stuff, right? . . . and there's more go(o)d news!)

Here it is: You can project anything you want on your screen and life will act as a MIRROR:RORRIM and give it right back to you! Case in point, you for sure have noticed that groSs cRapPy energy can be contagious ( thanks...), but SO CAN smiling at everyone (they smile back almost 100% of the time, right?) and laughter

So here's the million dollar question: Why would you choose to give out the crap (and get it back), when you can get the yummy juicy good stuff (and get it back)?

I dare you for one day, even if you think your life sucks, to intentionally be positive and try to shift your frequency to being AMAZINGLY pOSiTiVE and LiGhT. Here are sOmE ways to do it [review for the big test (JK)]:

  • smile at everyone, and laugh your butt off!
  • don't take everything personally or so seriously--GET OUT OF YOUR DRAMA
  • give people compliments
  • show your gratitude with your words and actions
  • write anonymous love notes
  • do R.A.K. (random acts of kindness) note: you may need credit at first, but it's more fun to do if people don't know it was you!
  • do super awesome random dance moves
  • think amazing loving thoughts about everyone around you (even if you think they are annoying, "popular", ugly, emo, etc...)
  • breathe deeply 33 times (daughter's recommendation)
Got hApPy? It's a choice----try it! 

Love and love squared (lfor all you math GeEkS)!--

;) dana

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

grA(aCT)titude!. . .

Hello All--

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of the prACTice of grATTITUDE. There are so many ways we can show that we are thankful, including writing in a journal, doing a little ritual, praying, or taking quiet time . . .

iDeA: I especially like saying "thank you" to people who do things kind and thoughtful things for me. This could be a note, or a short conversation (BTW: this especially includes those who don't hear it very often . . . including my school janitor, the person who serves me at McDonald's, the girl at Sebastian Joe's who makes smoothies for my kids and me, my parents, and everyone else who serves me . . .!). 

Sometimes, when I say thanks, people look reallyreally surprised . . . like they haven't heard it much before. Yikes!  That's a total dRaG!  :0(  What if we made thanks! a regular part of our vocabulary?

Doesn't it feel good when someone says thank you to you?
I challenge you to make an effort to thank those around you, even for just one day! 
It's an awesome
(note the word ACT
and it feels GrEaT!

Hope you have an amazing day!

Notice and be thankful for all the GO(0)D StuFf!


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life is a Mirror:rorriM

Life is a Mirror
Dear Ones;

A couple of years back, I became acquainted with Guru Singh, and now I am an avid follower of his wisdom; I even listen to his Podcasts and receive his daily blogs. Here's an excerpt from an incredibly interesting blog of his about how everything we assign meaning to in our lives acts as mirror or a reflection of us. In fact, there is no difference between the observer and the observed:
When will we stop the illusion of blaming the mirror for the image it reflects . . . for how we feel what we feel . . . for how we are experiencing our experience? The image in the mirror is not different and never separate from the object standing before it. We are the objects before the mirror of our experience. The observed and the observer are, in fact, one and we are always equal to our predicament. The motive and the motivation are — in fact — the same. 

If you are not experiencing yourself everywhere, where are you and what is it that you are experiencing? Where then can you possibly experience you if not everywhere? Believing you experience yourself in some places and moments and not in others is the pure cruelty of duality. 

Ask yourself — what is being placed before me — how do I experience myself in it? If you lack the attention to do this, you will only experience the tension . . . never the lesson. This is then not the mastery of life at all; it is the mystery of hell. To walk out of this hell is the journey of your struggle — the krya in your mirror. 

To master this is a very advanced course of life — is it not? Are you "ready" for such a level of difficulty? If your desire is yes, then buckle up and get along with it. Creation will produce a miracle of illusions — but then, what else would you expect from an Infinite Source. 

Accept the other as yourself and welcome it home to your Heaven on Earth. This introduces your mirroring facility of relationship; where, when you honor the other, you honor your highest self.

                                                                                                                                      ~ Guru Singh
Many of us have a tendency to make sense of the world by "othering" those people and behaviors we have the most difficulty accepting in ourselves. We believe that as long as we can point the finger at someone else and make the "wrong," that we are okay, or somehow different from, better than, or more special than "the other." In this manner, we cast the spotlight on others so we can escape shining the light on our own shadows. As one of my messages from The Universe read last week:

Talking a lot about something that bothers you, 
Dana Lynne,
is a pretty good
sign that you've got something huge and profoundly liberating to learn.

That is, Dana Lynne, if you can catch yourself,
turn within, and yearn for illumination.

Guru Singh reminds us that the "other" is really ourSelf--and only when we can accept the "other" as ourSelf, can we forgive, accept, and honor our highest Self. I know in my life, that the extent to which I have harshly criticized and found fault with others has been a reflection of how I have esteemed myself; and believe me, I have been my own worst enemy until quite recently.

As I have learned to love, care for, and forgive myself, I have been able to accept others where they are--with all their idiosyncrasies and faults, and let them be, well, themselves. G(o)od thing is, I have also extended myself the very same invitation, and thus have been able to remember the "me" that I had abandoned for a long time.

This process, as Guru Singh assures, promises Heaven on Earth--which to me, means peace: bestowed upon myself first, and then extended to others.

This peace with me has made all the difference. How have you looked into the mirror and used the reflection to learn about yourself? Leave a comment and share your story!

Lots of Love,

Monday, June 13, 2016

lEt gO of yOuR paSt . . .

It's an interesting journey!
hEy tHere!

Isn't this a coOL picture! I lOvE it! . . . at some point, we have to finally reach a point where we break free from our past and step into love for ourselves.  After all, we have to LOVE oUrSelves b4 we can love and give to others, right?

When I look at this amazing picture, I can see that it's pretty dang dark! and cloudy, too (SPOOKY!) almost like a storm has just passed . . . 




oh, and here's the Go(o)d news:

in this picture, the sun is right ahead of me, reaching down with her amazing sun-ray-beams (made up word) of light . . . and,
 I can see the light ahead!
and (extra bonus!)
. . . I can actually SEE the road (metaphor: my path). yAy!

p.s. I'm not always sure where the road leads, but at least I can see a few feet in front of me . . . thanks Universe!

Love the Journey!

TOP SECRET INFORMATION: I have actually been losing a lot of sleep lately cuz' I keep worrying about stuff I can't control. I lie awake at night and practice deep belly breathing to try to get back to sleep. I need to dream & LET GO!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dropping your her(his)story . . .

“When you are present in this moment,
you break the continuity of your story
of past and future.
Then true intelligence arises,
and also love.”

Eckhart Tolle