Saturday, July 4, 2015

iN-jOy yOurSeLf . . . haVe fUn & pLaY nOw!

ecard - Be who you know you are
WeLL HeLLo funfree fLowErz & BuZZiNg BEs! (word play alert),

Yesterday I wrote about each of us being uniquely and powerfully ourselves--and letting go of the expectation that other people should (and can . . .NOT) possibly be just like US! I used the metaphor of fish not being able to climb trees--which is kind of like the message on the poster from about being, well, ME! Check it out on the left!

The wall paper on my phone used to read "just be . . ."--and it served to remind me to BE PRESENT . . . which is kind of hard for me, I admit. Going to the quiet space where I'm with myself is getting easier, and I've found that I am actually in-joy my own company. (Get it? In-Joy, as in, INWARD JOY, not found on the outside?)

do have to remember to breathe, relax, and BE in the present moment--sometimes meditating or doing yoga really helps me with that--and, I continue to work on quieting the inner voice that sometimes bosses me around and constantly tells me what I SHOULD be doing (you know, like, SHOULD-ing on myself?!), or criticizes me. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that the JOY is HERE, in the present moment.

While last year, the wallpaper on my cell phone read: 
Just be . . . !
This year, I changed it by one word: Just be . . . me! 

And here's why:

If I want to know myself and JUST BE ME, as in the one and only Dana Lynne Curry Bradach (not that I think I'm like so cool or better or anything . . . !), I had to learn to just be . . . first. Otherwise, how would I have the quiet presence to be with myself and get to know me? And now, j
ust like the flower in the cartoon above, . . . I want to wisely follow my primal Dana gut instincts to attain my highest level of Dana-osity!

As I fully disclosed yesterday, I am kind of a nut (in a good way), and I think & act like a kid most of the time, but I'm also extremely smart, organized, loving, kind, and responsible. There's also some yucky stuff, too--but I'm doing my darndest to BE the BE(st) ME I can BE

We humans are taught from a young age to focus on the future to somehow provide us with the THING (whatever that is for each of us--being skinny, richer, finishing high school, graduate school, having a bigger house, better job--WHATEVAH!), as our guarantee for happiness. But the problem with future mentality is that we live our lives always waiting to arrive--and we miss the gifts of presence--as in, living in the now, the PRESENT. Check out this amazing message I found today on someone else's blog!
I don't know about you, but I have missed out on big chunks of my life because of worrying about my future or focusing on the past. When I asked one of my best friends what is really really important to him and what he wants to do with life, he kind of got this funny grin and said, "I want to enjoy myself." At the time, I really didn't get it (I grew up in a home where everything was STRUGGLE and SACRIFICE), but I've slowly come to realize that enjoying myself is one of the most important jobs I have, AND it doesn't have to do with anything outside of myself . . . it's an INSIDE job.

Hope you enjoy yourself today!


p.s. but not perfeckt ;0)

Friday, July 3, 2015

wE r iN cHarGe of uR thOUghtS!

"There is nothing either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so."
~William Shakespeare
Hey aLL!

Wow! I really have been on a huge learning curve lately. Let's just say that the drama factor has been cranked up a notch in my life lately . . . which really, I now understand, is actually a good thing!

Know why? 'Cuz it has given me the opportunity to practice DE-TACHMENT--which has been one of my blind spots (or shall we call it one of my "growth opportunities" . . . bArF!) over the course of my life!

Here's the toxic, barfy, painful, stupid pattern:
  1. DRAMA ENSUES (insert any dramatic event here . . . a fight, someone says something mean about me, someone doesn't like me, I don't win, I'm sick, I'm wrong, I make a mistake . . . etc!)
  2. I enter fully into drama and gets sucked up into the storm . . . trying to "fix" everything, make people like me again, convince others that I'm okay, over-apoligize, feel ashamed, try to make it up to everybody . . .etc!
  3. I obsess about the drama . . . loses sleep, talk about it too much, convince others that I'm "right" . . .
  4. I feel bad about obsessing about the drama . . . now it's become drama once removed . . . META-DRAMA . . . you know, drama about the drama?
  5. Repeat cycle.
With the drama in the past week, I've been able to make some shifts in this shi(f)ty pattern of mine. Yeah me! I'm actually looking at the drama like a bystander--like I'm watching a bad, or slightly sick play . . . and I'm not taking the drama personally (well, actually I started to, but the I ACTUALLY CAUGHT MYSELF!).

And now, as one of my bffs would say: All is well

I'm okay!@ 'Cuz I'm choosing my thoughts carefully and remaining in my calm spot. Whew! 

I'm glad I'm at choice and not just RE:ACTING (this time). As Deepak Chopra writes:

"Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way,
ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past
or a pioneer of the future."

How do you remain at choice when DRAMA ENSUES!? Are you a prisoner or a pioneer? (leave a comment and let me know! . . .)

Still learning ;) lol!


Thursday, July 2, 2015

FeEL it and LeT iT gO . . .

Quotes about Feelings

Oh dEaR fun&free-fEeLerS!

Whew! I needed to take a breather yesterday . . . 'cuz something super wObBLy . . . dark . . . gloomy . . . and sad came over me . . . and kind of tOoK oVeR and . . . I couldn't stop crying ;0( . . . but that's okay . . . :)

And, now I'm back . . . well, sort of . . . 

. . . still crying, though.

But it IS really okay . . . (even though I look terrible . . . in a cute way :). Today, I'm just letting all my feelings move through me [including happiness, btw! I totally spent 2 hours at the beach with my kids today and that was well, aWeSomE! I talked to a gazillion dogs, and a butterfly landed on my finger (aka transformation reminder!)].

So, here's my feelings about my feelings . . .

  • I have had a hard time sharing my feelings for most of my life. I think it started when I was a kid, actually, when gRowNuPs used to argue with me about how I felt (which doesn't even make sense, does it? how can you argue with how someone feels?). 
  • Others also used to tell me how I felt (did they crawl up into my head or into my heart?--what the hel(k) did they know NE-way?)
  • So, I learned to iGnoRe my feelings altogether. But NO MORE! Yay! I'm growing!

Even though my emotional life HAS BEEN rather . . .
 . . . which means I sometimes don't share my feelings 'cuz I don't feel comfortable or safe, I actually DID share with you all that I was wobbly, even though I wasn't sure what it was about--not sure that matters anymore . . . and that's g(o)od progress, huh? . . . 
Fortunately, I am practicing knowing what I feel. Yesterday, I was sad, lonely, tired, and scared . . . 

You know, I used to just
or   just

iGnOrE tHeM,

aRgUe wItH tHeM,

or pReTend they weren't there.
(sound familiar? . . . that's what I learned from those silly gRowNupS. . . I don't really think they meant it, though, 'cuz they didn't know any better . . .)

It's taken a lot of practice to get my feelings again, and
 I still have barfy tummy butterflies when I share my feelings.

I am getting braver, 'cuz the You-niverse is giving me lots of opportunities to share my feelings lately--both super awesome amazing happy feelings! and black hole-in-the-heart scary hidden cave-in feelings

ffFeelers!: I encourage you to share your feelings--even if it freaks you out, caves you in, your  heart pounds, or you think you are going to puke! It will get easier and actually, important!

I was kind of lost yesterday--like OMG! What should I do? I don't feel go(o)d! So, I didn't do anything . . . but cry, take a bath, and share with my kids and my bffs that I felt wObBly. I didn't want NE1 to save me, though (like barfing on someone so they would help me. . .). I figured it out on my own.

I have been letting myself be sad. I have not been running away, eating chocolate, smoking (eEw!), drinking wiNe, or stayIng in beD all day . . . AnD . . . I am so okay! Next time I feel (anything), I will give myself even more permission to just bE mE. . . (wherever I AM) . . . and LoVe all of mE, NE-way!

LovE yOu,
SuperMe (2 sUpER yOu)!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Prayer to Heaven(s) on Earth"
Baker Park, Plymouth, MN
hEy ALL!

So, after living from the OUT:SIDE IN for a good part of my life, I personally enJOY spending time with mE, now. While I used to be sOsOSoSoSoso scared of being aL(one), now I long to BE, & BE quiet, and listen for what makes mEmE! Some daily practices that help me get centered in mE are mEditating, BEing out IN nAtUrE, prayINg, and writINg in my joUrnal.
RAther than jump out of bed into the shower every morning in  a huge rush, I try to lie in bed and breathe, and look to my day with gratitude in advance for amazing experiences and opportunities the You-niverse has created FOR me!

What is your deepest heartfelt desire? 

Mine is really simple: to love and belove(d). 

That's it!

How about you? What is calling you? 
Are you listening?

Hope you have a beautiful day!
Love and more love!
;) dana

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Give What You Want!

Sometimes, what's really cool, Dana Lynne, 
is giving profuse thanks for the good fortunes that befall others - -
no matter who they are - - because, invariably,
your joy for them will yield the same good fortunes for you.

The Universe
Dear FunFreePeeps!

Check out my guest blog on The Daily Love this week! It's about loving ourselves; stop in and leave me a comment if you wish: Be a Student of Your(highest)self! Thanks so much . . .

Have you ever felt kind of jealous of someone? Maybe for what they have, or some accomplishment of theirs? Do you ever compare yourself to others and feel like you're not as good, or not enough, or not as lucky, or not as (WHATEVAH!@#) ________ (fill in the blank)?

I know I've written about that feeling before . . . and I used to do that to myself, too. Consider this: when we are faced with a friend, a colleague, or even a complete stranger who has 
  • a streak of good fortune
  • a surprising success
  • an unforeseen opportunity
  • a job they love
  • wonderful health
  • a million dolars (Austin Powers!)
  • lost weight
  • an amazing relationship
  • or even stuff like a BRAND NEW CAR or a McMANSION! . . .
the Law of Attraction requires us to be as thrilled--


for that OTHER person, as if we, ourselves had we been the fortunate recipient of __________(fill in the blank).

Even better, we can act as if the __________ has already arrived, and practice gratitude for it, as if we already have __________ and are enjoying the amazing benefits of it!

And we have so much of __________, that we can turn around and GIFT it to others!

What if you BEGAN with the piece "SHARING with others," even thought the ________ hasn't yet arrived? Now THAT would create even more space for more of _________ to arrive in your life . . .

Just sayin' . . . (or does that seem too scary 'cuz you think you'd actually have less . . . that's how our mind plays tricks with us, huh?); it's the opposite . . . we would be opening up space for MORE!

That's how The Law of Attraction works . . .
Give it up!
Happy Thursday,
;) Dana