Sunday, November 29, 2015

a rEciPe 4 hApPy!

Gratitude is the single most important ingredient

to living a successful and fulfilled life.

~Jack Canfield

Dear Readers;

I know I've written about it before, but this Personal Code of Truth I wrote last summer has absolutely gotten my attention againI live in love and gratitude.

So the first part--I live in love--means that I don't live from a place of fear anymore. Like, for example, not saying stuff 'cuz I'm afraid of what people will think of me, and I have KNoCkEd OfF not being true to myself 'cuz of what others may say. It's kinda weird, but lately I've been learning a lot about fear--

I've now know that my fear isn't really an all-powerful
scary crEEpaliscious monStEr--
it's simply (not so scary)
information. . . 
So, like, if I'm scared of something . . . 
that means I sUcK iT uP & DO IT, danggitt#@$%!

Crazy stuff, huh? I used to shrink back away from the stuff I was scared of instead of facing it head on--but guess what? Facing the stuff I'm scared of gives me confidence, independence, strength, and power!
The second part of my PCT--I live in gratitude--simply means that I look to life with awe, thanks, and humility. I have gratitude for even the smallest things in life (like, for example, taking a breath, seeing a beautiful flower, a smile from a stranger . . .). And, (this is trickier, yo) that means that I am also thankful for the yucky crap-aliscious stuff--'cuz when it feels crappy, it means I just can't see the sparkly gifts in the experience yet-- 'cuz I can't see the super amazing, delicious, 

bIggEr and beTTer pLan
the You-niverse has for me!

. . . so there you have it! That's my second mantra! What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know how YOU live in LoVe and gRaTiTuDe! If you're interested in some more quotes about gratitude, click on this link:

GrAtiTuDe QuOteS: OWN

Have an amazing and magical day!
;0) dana

Saturday, November 28, 2015

iT's beTTer to gIvE thAn reCeiVe . . . !

By: Chloe
Hello You! 

A few years back my daughter wanted to post this special message for the Thanksgiving holiday season, so here goes! Here's what she had 2 say!: 
Hey tIckeTy tock cLoCks!

So, as you know, Christmas is coming up... well, you know a great thing I have learned? --a great lesson... it's better to give than receive!
Soooo don't expect someone to give you a gift, 'cause you know what? 
Even if you don't have money, who cares? 
At least you're alive, and you have Jesus and God, and family!
Oh!! And especially LUV!!!!!! 

Luv yalls, peeps!

Friday, November 27, 2015

a hUmbLe attiTuDe of (gr)attiTuDe . . .

Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to 
living a successful and fulfilled life.        
--Jack Canfield, writer

Good day funfree Pps!

Since Thanksgiving is a time when many people focus on the idea of gratittude, I though I'd devote the next few days to one of my favorite tOpIcs: beiNg tHank-FULL! It's tOtes tRuE that when we are thankful for the good stuff we already have, we send out amazing positive energy that can bring us MORE good stuff. It's called the Universal Law of Attraction.
(positive or negative)
It's tOtaLLy contagious! 

When we want something to become a habit it takes prACTice
(NOTE: prACTice has the word ACT in it!!).

So how do we do it? 
I have a couple of ideas.
BEWARE: they take ACTion.

oNe iDeA: I personally like to write (duh . . .), so I keep a couple of different journals. Here's one I got from one of my besties:

 Sometimes, I write things I'm grateful for before I go to bed, and I end my day on a positive note,---I actually think I sleep better! Here's what one of my grATTITUDE journals  looks like . . . note the hearts on the left! . . .
aNothEr IdEa: Sometimes, when my daughter and I say our prayers, we take turns naming things we're grateful for in our lives. This is especially wonderful 'cuz we share together what makes us grateful, and that reminds each of us of MORE good stuff in our lives. Remember:
(in the form of gratitude)
It's tOtaLLy contagious!
So, Count your blessings, y'all! 

It'll make you feel amazing! Have a beautiful day!
Smiles ;)

p.s. check out this awesome message from Marie Forleo about the "downs" of gratitude. It's only a few minutes long, but so worth it!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Message from the Uni-Verse!

Dear Ones--

Have you ever noticed that the right message from the Universe seems to arrive exactly when you need it? You can probably see the card I got this morning from one of my besties, Alana. I have been in a place, lately, that hasn't been--well, so Holiday-ey (if that's a word, but you know what I mean . . .).

I feel really stressed and pressured by all of the expectations I put upon myself for the season (enter perfectionism ALERT)--decorating, shopping, wrapping, party-going, baking--and, not to mention everyday stuff like momming (another made up word), working, shoveling, teaching, washing, cooking, cleaning, entertaining . . .  and I'll stop there before I bore you too much with my story about my overwhelm.

So this morning I opened a manila envelope with this message: 

I was relieved to get this reminder. The (not so) hidden message for me is this:
  • Your best is good enough.
  • You don't have to be perfect.
  • You have enough time.
  • All is well.
  • Breathe.
During this time of year, I often get caught up in running around like a crazy person . . . but in the next couple of days, I am going to try to jUsT bE instead of dO. Try to enjoy the relationships I have, and be grateful for the time well-spent with those I love. The gifts don't mean so much, after all. What I want to give most is my presence--I think that's the best present of all. What will you give this Thanksgiving?

Lots of Love!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

foLLoW uR hEART . . .

Max's bestie has a heart-shaped mouth!
(aPpLe sLiCe sMiLe!)

Saving the World

Today may my prayers help me realize
I cannot control everything.
To put the world in order,
We must first put the nation in order;
To put the nation in order,
We must first put the family in order;
To put the family in order,
We must first set our hearts right.
-- Confucius

GooD dAy aLL!

Happy WEdnesday! Well, it's no coincidence that this poem landed in my inbox this morning . . . just what I needed to read! The poem basically says that the only stuff we can control is within us . . . like in our own hearts and our own thoughts and behaviors. And, even if we want to have a HuGe gInorMous iMpaCt on our beloved planet, we have to begin with ourselves! As Gandhi encouraged,

"You must be the change 
you wish to see in the world."

Having company in my home sort of threw me for a loop last week, which isn't a bad thing at all--
even if things felt a bit, well,
tOpSY tUrVY--
it made me look at myself in a new way, and I was actually reminded of this important stuff:
  • I am not in control of everyone else (duh . . . only me)
  • Others do not have to be like me (like, in their personalities, habits, or timelines!)
  • If I am upset about my situation, only I can turn it around and change my own mindset--
  • Others cannot MAKE ME FEEL a certain way, how I interpret situations cause me MY OWN distress! My feelings are my own business!
  • I can look at stuff and complain about it (VICTIM), or I can see the blEssIngs and gifTs (POWER) in whatever life presents me . . . you know, like, as in presents?
Which, as usual, brings me back to GrAtiTuDe (yay!). SO here are 3 (my magic number!) things I feel grateful for about my bestie and her family staying with us for a week:
  1. My kids had sosososos much fun with Luigie the Yorkie and Coco the miniature Alaskan--we played and played in the yard and had doggie kissy parties!
  2. I had a chance to spend wonderful heart time with my friend . . . 
  3. We had yuMmY food! We barbecued, went to Perkin's, ate Bruegger's bagels everyday, and ordered Chinese takeout! Yum!
  4. My kids loved having friends in the house--built in playmates and chums!
(ooPs . . .) that's 4. Oh well!

Anyway, I was able to turn around my super slumber party and make it AmAzIng! That's my (NEW) stoRy and I'm sticking to it! What story have you turned around? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Have a bEaUtiFul day!
;0) dana