Saturday, August 29, 2015

LeT thEm be!(LoVeD)


Back to the whole funfreeMe name thing (thanks, k!)--I started to say some stuff last week about the idea of fun, so today I want to say some stuff about being free (p.s. do you think free is light blue?). Yesterday I blogged about the fact that we are all the same, meaning that we are equally valuable/lovable, and we are all where we need to be(loved).

IDK about you, but I have spent a lot of precious time and NRG waiting for other people to change, (or, trying to change them, DUH! NONE OF MY BUSINESS!). And that's really amazing and convenient for us, cuz when we focus on what others need to do (made up in our minds)--GUESS WHAT?! We don't have to focus on us and what we need to change about ourselves!

HOW CONVENIENT! (and RIGHT, and BETTER *and superior of us...)

WHAT IF (incoming scary and thought-provoking idea )...


kNoCk iT OfF! and focus on yourSelF! (me, tOoO!)

LeT thEm be! (LoVeD)...
and they'll let you be! (LoVeD), too!

Do you feel me?

Love you lotssa and lottsa (mozzerella)!

;) dana

Friday, August 28, 2015

We R OnE

Hey Y'all!
So I was thinking today how sometimes we think we are sooooooo special and different (and BETTER) than other people in our lives.
Like, here's how it sounds...
  • I am So much nicer...
  • I am So much smarter...
  • I am SOo much cuter...
  • I am SoO much skinnier...
  • I am SoO much more cool...
  • I am SOo much more aware...
  • I am So better at SpOrts!
  • I am So much richer...
  • I am So much bLaH BlAh BlAAAHhhh...
What if, we are all the SaMe! and we are each exactly where we are supposed to be?
Do you think you could hoNor the Fact thAt the people in YouR liFe are SpeCiAL and okAy where theY r? And could you love them because they are people just like you?

Here is an awesome crazy video that shows that We R OnE. ANimals totally get stuff that huMaNs don't. 
It's true... (see previous DOG:BLOGs).
This made me cry out of HapPiNeSs!

Meow, and licK!!
Night, night!

Be Love(d) y'all! It's the only way!

;) dana

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ur LiFe iS a MiRaCle? PaY aTTenTIOn!

“There are only two ways to live your life. 
One is as though nothing is a miracle. 
The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 

Hey All--
Just thinking about how miraculous liFe iS! Do you know U are a MiRacLe? Your life is ON PURPOSE! I know that's kind of scary, but also super exciting, 'cuz U r HeRe 4 a rEaSoN!
When I was walking through the woods one day, I looked up at the trees and I heard in my inner voice, "Your life is a prayer."
What if all of our lives are prayers?(I know the prayer word kind of gets in the way sometimes, but please know that I'm not talking about God or Jesus, necessarily, if they don't work for you...use whatever word works 4 U!)
What if every encounter in your life is a holy encounter, every action you take has a higher purpose, and every relationship in your life is holy and ON PURPOSE (even the crappy stuff?) What if you gave that much respect to and attention to yoUr own divine existence!
I dare you to act today like everything is a mIrAcUlous, delicious, mirACle!
Love u so much@!
;) dana

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Be love(d)!

Hey all funfree-Seekers!

Want to know my secret to free-DoM?
Love your bad self! (the human part . . .) 
Love your Go(o)d self! Cuz guess what?

You are Go(o)d! You are all Go(o)d! As I write that, it reminds me that it might be scary for some of you to read that, especially if you are in the habit of not liking yours(elf) or listening to your mean inner s(elf). SorRy! (not . . . that's why I'm here. . .)

Yesterday, I wrote about trying to GET others to like us (bad idea ;( . . . doesn't work). We can't control how others feel! It's totally ridiculous! 
We can only control how we feel about ourselves. I am trying to become my own best friend, which is really hard, because I have been hating on myself (and allowing others to hate on me) for a long, long time. 
I'm SO DONE WITH THAT CRAP-OLA. As I have said before (and as one of my very best friends on the planet has told me (yo-K-dog! I love you!), I just want to enjoy myself. SO let's have more random fun!

Here are some random acts
 of crazy-ness from, 
of course,
cuz, seriously, 
who the heck cares what 
other people think!@@#$
follow your heart, y'all! You are LoVe!
Love you soSsososSOSsosSo much (and more!)

;) dana

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

bE Ur oWn (s)HeRo!

Are you settling in life? Is there something greater calling you? 
Heed it's call. There is a great adventure waiting for you if you just say YES with your thoughts, actions and desires. You WILL be supported. You WILL be challenged and you WILL face the death of your own ego. BUT - on the other side of this adventure is self-respect, a Light and a Love about which ALL the epic stories are written. This kind of life is possible for you!
Are you going to answer the call of YOUR Personal Legend?

~Mastin Kipp, The Daily Love

cALLing ALL hEroEs & (s)hero(ines)!

Hark, y'aLL! What are you waiting 4? If you are waiting until you R pErfEcKt (don't worry, life allows you to screw up as much as you need to!!!), or reAdy (never gonna happen!), or oLdEr (the Time is noW!), or _______(blah...blah...blah...) fill in the blank, I chaLLenge you to "Get out there! Sing the song in your heart and NEVER let anyone shut you up!!” (remember the quote from yesterday!!!)

That's why U R here, yo.

Oh yeah . . . one more thing about perFecKtion. I used to pretend I was perfect, and that was uber-stressful. I was chillin' and shopping with my friend one morning (what up Celia--grrrrl!) and she was saying that not trying to be pErfeCkt has allowed her to get closer to people and has made her friendships stronger 'cuz there's nothing to hide. PreTTy smart (. . . for a gRoWnUp! hahahahah)!

Anyway, here's proof that every existence has a higher purpose!--even in the life of a dOg (note to sElF--dOg is gOd spelled backwards!) This amazing creature is named, of course, faItH! Check this out!

Can you imagine the literal LEAP of FAITH when she decided she was going to walk on two legs? Kind of like an acorn becoming a tree, 
or a caterpillar transforming into a bUttErfLy?

What are the poSSiBiLiTiEs fOr sUper yOU!? 
aBsoluTely nO LiMiTs aLLoWEd!!@#%@!#$%@#$$%#
wInK on You!
;) dana

p.s. QUESTion: Would you rather be the (s)hero(ine) of your own journey (U R in large & in charge)? or, the victim (everybody does stuff TO you? sad...)? Personally, I want to be the super sparkly goDdess with the ice cream cape, the high-top pink bOOts, and the cOOl diAmOnd-stuDDed crown!

All bow down! nOw! (jK!)