Saturday, October 31, 2015

fUn & fRee hALLowEEn(iE) bOnus! cOsTumE iDeaS . . .

HaLLoWeeN bOnUs

hEy aLL fUn & frEE pEEps!

Since today is Halloween and since I am so gross and AWK-WierD (and a middle-schOL teacher), I have spent the last couple of days thinking about the naStY-est and mOsT raNdoM Halloween costumes poSSibLe. 

In case you don't have a costume yet, here are some possibilities . . .  yOU're sOsOsO weLcomE in aDvAnce, yO!

grOss category:
  1.  ooZing sCab
  2. steaming pOOp
  3. haIry aRmpit
  4. inGrowN toEnail
  5. tOe jaM
  6. bELLybUtton goo
  7. eye bOoger
  8. bLoOdY eArwAx 
  9. nOse Hair
  10. feSteriNg bOil
  11. kNoTty wArt
  12. mOle with hAiR
  13. puS inFesTed wood tick
  14. bOoger flaVored canDy corn
  15. mOiSt thRow uP
  16. deCayiNg fLesH
  17. plaQue
  18. sTretchY mUcUs
raNdOm caTegoRy:
  1. musTache
  2. bacOn
  3. caRpeT
  4. spInacH
  5. shOppIng cart
  6. rAmen nOOdLe
  7. rOcK
  8. lUmbErjaCk
  9. bUrriTo
  10. eArLobe
  11. bUrP
  12. dEvILed eGG
  13. bLooDy nOse
Note the sPoOOoooOkY number--31 of costume iDeaS! CaN you add to this super disgUstiNg liST? LeavE me a cOmmEnt below, and bEttEr yEt . . . senD me a PicTure of you in yOur costUme!

bOO! . . .  & hEaRts,

p.s. thanks to my  bEsTie & mY 8th graDers whO helped me create this list!

Friday, October 30, 2015

i lOvE to CoLoR...

hellO fUn & fReE fOo's (jK!)

(super secret information . . .): Have you ever noticed that gRoWnUpS LoOoooove to color with kids? I think I have an idea why. When we color, we are completely present and concentrating on . . . (wait for it . . . wait for it . . . YOU GUESSED IT!) COLORING

Have you ever heard of a mandala? It's a Sanskrit word that basically means "circle." Tibetan monks use the meditative practice of creating mandalas out of sand for creating inner peace and for representing unity, and the changing nature of life: here's a quick look at this beautiful art. 

I took a class about meditation once, and I sat in a circle with eleven women. We each "meditated" by coloring a mandala, and for each shape or space, we were supposed to think about something or someone we were thankful or grateful for, and concentrate on that as we colored. It kind of made me focus in the moment and on coloring. It took a long time, and then we shared our colored mandalas. It was pretty cool and they were beautifully awesome. You can find mandala coloring pages on the internet: Mandala Coloring Pages for Kids.

Here is a mandala that my family did together last night! I guarantee that by the time you complete a mandala, you have a nice sense of calm and quiet pEaCe (beware, however . . . you may get a bit stressed if you are a pErFeCtIoniSt and you [OMG] . . . go outside the lines . . . more about perfeCtioniSm to follow . . . ) 

Anyway, hope some of these ideas are cool for you! 

Have a beautiful day; and I DARE you to COLOR 
OUTside the lines! . . . 

LOL ;)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

hApPy bIrThdAy, mAx!

hApPy bIrThdaY, bEaUtifUL bOy!
cHeCK ouT this AwkwaRd and aMazinG viDeo
hEy pEEps!
I am so psYchEd to say that today is the BirtHdAY of my amazing son, Max! I am so glad to be his super proud mOmMa!
HaPpY BiRtHdAy, MAX!
(click below for super awesome animated birthday song)
Well, Max is 15 now . . .  almost can drive! Yikes and super yikes! I remember carrying him in my tummy (not easy . . . I was not one of those beautiful, glowing pregnant women . . . more of a crabby, uncomfortable hAg!!@#!$%!#$^ . . . but it was TOTES worth it! and more!), and I'll never foRgeT the dAy he bLessEd tHis worLd with his INCREDIBLE-NESS!

So, today I'm gonna blog 15 (get it? 15 years old? . . . thanks for the idea, mImI) things I absolutely lOvE abOut mAx!
eW! JiMMy FallON!
  1. gIvIng hIm a BatH in The kiTchEn sinK as a bAby . . .
  2. pLayIng pOts and pAns in tHe kitChen wHen he Was 3!
  3. gLuing a PicTuRe of hIm on the froNt of a ChOO-cHoo so he could bE a train in his Thomas the Tank Engine traIn seT--we named him "Choo-chOO mAx"
  4. wantinG to be spinach for HaLLowEEn whEn he was 3!
  5. lauGhinG mUch and Often and haVinG aN aMaZing sense of hUmor! (see above Jimmy FalloN video he showed me this weekend! OMG!)
  6. loviNg and beIng smart about teChnoLogy!
  7. hIs onGoinG Love afFair wiTh BaCoN
  8. hIs kInd love and pAtiEnce with hIs sisTer, ChLoe.
  9. beinG wiLLing to TELL HIS TRUTH and share his feElings with his SuPer-dOrky midDle-aged mOmma! aka ME!
  10. pOsEssIng a fOrgIving spirit
  11. haVinG a cOoL haiRstYle!
  12. bEinG one Of mY gReatEsT and mOst-aMazing teAchers!
  13. he sMeLLs good!
  14. hE reminds me of my irreVerEnt and HILARIOUS dad!
  15. He is a conTorTionist!
Max, honey, what can I say? I'm so bleSsEd to me youR mOm!
I love you to the mOoN and bAcK! (and mOrE!!)


Wednesday, October 28, 2015


No dIfFerenCes1.
So I was thinking today how sometimes we think we are sooooooo special and different (and BETTER) than other people in our lives. Like, here's how it sounds...
  • I am So much nicer...
  • I am So much smarter...
  • I am SOo much cuter...
  • I am SoO much skinnier...
  • I am SoO much more cool...
  • I am so mUch mOre sPiritUal...
  • I am SOo much more aware...
  • I am So better at SpOrts!
  • I am So much richer...
  • I am So much bLaH BlAh BlAAAHhhh...
What if, we are all the SaMe! and we are all exactly where we are supposed to be?
Do you think you could hoNor the Fact thAt the people in YouR liFe are SpeCiAL and okAy where theY r? And could you love them because they are people just like you?

The above is an awesome crazy video that shows that We R OnE. ANimals totally get stuff that huMaNs don't. It's true... (see previous DOG:BLOGs).
This made me cry out of HapPiNeSs!

Meow, and licK!!
Night, night!

Be Love(d) y'all! It's the only way!

;) dana

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

jUsT bE yOu! buZz . . . buZz . . !

ecard - Be who you know you are
WeLL HeLLo funfree fLowErz & BuZZiNg BEs! (word play alert),

I just love the amazing picture and message I found in my mailbox from about being, well, ME! Check it out on the left!

Yesterday I wrote a bit about just BEing . . . which is kind of hard for me, I admit. Going to the beautiful quiet space where I'm with myself is getting easier, and I've found that I am actually liking my own company. I do have to remember to intentionally breathe, relax, and be in the present moment--sometimes meditating or doing yoga really helps me with that--and, I continue to work on quieting the inner voice that sometimes bosses me around and constantly tells me what I SHOULD be doing (you know, like, SHOULD-ing on myself?!), or criticizes me.

Last year, the wallpaper on my cell phone read: 

Just be . . . !

'cuz I knew I needed to learn the lesson of slowing down and BEing present . . . and not spinning my wheels around DOing and DOing and DOing (kind of like running from mySelf).

A few months ago, I changed my wallpaper by one word: 

Just be . . . me! . . . 

Here's the thing: If I want to know myself and JUST BE ME, as in the one and only Dana Lynne Curry Bradach (not that I think I'm like so cool or better or anything . . . !), I had to learn to just be . . . first. Otherwise, how would I have the quiet presence to be with myself and get to know me?

Just like the flower in the cartoon above, . . . I want to wisely follow my primal Dana gut instincts to attain my highest level of Dana-osity!

Truthfully, I am kind of a nut (in a good way), and I think & act like a kid sometimes, but I'm also extremely smart, organized, loving, kind, and responsible. There's more, I know, and there's also some yucky stuff, too--but I'm doing my darndest to BE the BE(st) ME I can BE


p.s. but not perfeckt ;0)

Monday, October 26, 2015

LoVe! aNd LovE mOrE . . .

Hey fun free folks! 

Have you ever noticed that many people spend a lot of their time focusing on things they don’t like or what bothers them. Sometimes, we are that person . . . either focusing on negative stuff about ourselves (mean inner (S)ELF) or other people. If we don't catch it, this behavior can drain us of our energy FAST!!!! Today let's celebrate: 
WhAt We LoVE!
I personally like to write stuff down in a journal every day. Do you have a journal? If you want, take out a piece of paper and for each category, list three things you LoVe; otherwise, just think about the stuff on this list.

activities you LoVe:
foods you LoVe:
people you LoVe:
books you LovE:
songs you LoVe:
objects you LoVe:
3 things you LovE about your life:
3 things you LovE about yourself:
Did you know that our thoughts make a huge difference in how we feel, and if we choose amazing thoughts, it can help us feel, well . . . amazing!
 What if: Every time you felt mad, or irritated, or even sadlonely, or tired.  .  . You looked at your list of things you LoVe and chose to focus on being psyched for all the good stuff  instead of being miserable?
What amazing shifts might occur?
Just sayin'...
Lots of LoVe!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gods & doGs . .


Hey All!
So, what's the deal? What is it about DOGs that makes them (wo)man's best friend? And, have you ever noticed that DOG is GOD spelled backwards? Coincidence? (well, you already know how I feel about that . . .)

We humans can learn a lot from DOGs; here are some reasons why I believe DOGliness is next to GODliness:
  • Life is simple for dogs: eat, play, sleep, pee, and poop. No drama, whatsoever. Wouldn't it be great if we could live like that?
  • Dogs are present, like, as in, they live in the moment. Have you ever seen a dog with regrets? Or worry about where to take the next nap? No way!
  • Dogs follow their instincts. Like, when a dog is tired, it just goes to sleep . . . doesn't matter where---car, sidewalk, lap (more about laps later . . .). And, if a dog gets a bad vibe from a person or another dog. . . it barks! 
  • Dogs are forgiving. I don't know about you, but I've never witnessed a dog who holds a grudge. When something happens, a dog just moves on to the next thing!
  • Dogs are loyal. They have your back. They will protect you and stand by you. Have you ever heard of a dog leaving home or breaking up with its owner?
  • Dogs listen. (. . .without interrupting you, unless they're giving you little doggy kissies . . .). They will hold space for you while you cry about your stupid breakup or your crappy algebra test . . . (they also understand that your parents don't get it a lot of the time . . . true dat cuz dogs just give you that knowing dog look).
  • Dogs accept what is. Dogs aren't haters. They don't care what brand of clothes you're wearing or whether you sit at the cool lunch table. They also don't care what mood you're in or if you have morning breath.
  • Dogs love and serve. Dogs are full of grattitude and joy. Basically, a dog's job is to hang out, enjoy life and receive and give love. In other words,
 Just be(Love)d! 

What if that's all we have to do, too?
Love and be(Love)d?

What if life is that simple?
Just sayin ' . . .

Doggy kissies . . . and love!

;) Dana 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

bE (Love) D!

My Gift to Me!

HaPPy Saturday!
    Have you ever waited for a gift? Or, expected one? I have. And guess what? I have started to give myself the beautiful things, experiences, and most of all--the loving relationship I deserve---to myself!

    Above, you will see the $5 bouquet of flowers I bought for myself yesterday. Isn't it beautiful? I'm not especially fancy, and I don't have a lot of cash . . . but it's an honor that I provide myself that gives me great pleasure and fills my heart and soul . . .  a few fresh flowers in my kitchen. I get to do that for myself whenever I wish.

    I really believe that we are supposed to shower our gifts to ourselves, and to the Universe . . . whenever possible. 

    SO . . . Why are we afraid of showing our talents and gifts to the world . . . I think many of us believe that we are supposed to hide our gifts . . .  what the H is that about? 

    Here are some of my old beliefs--followed by my new Codes of Truth:
    • OLD: People think we are full of ourselvesbragging, or others try to squash our gifts by making fun of us or putting us down (no wonder we just want to stay small sometimes).
    • NEW: We each have different gifts from the Universe, and our mission is to find those gifts, celebrate them, and share them with others in service so that others may benefit! NObOdy else can be me, or you, and nobody has the same purpose or mission as me!
    • OLD: We somehow have been taught that there's not enough ______ to go around (talent, money, good stuff, cookies, Jolly Ranchers, brains, whatever!).
    • NEW: Is there enough sun for everyone? Of course there is! The Universe is an abundant place. Others abundance is a reminder to me that there is plenty for all! Remember: gratitude for what we have draws more of the good stuff to us!
    • OLD: We have been taught that if someone else has something, it means there's less of it to go around (see above . . .), AND if, for example, we give someone a compliment or are happy for them, it automatically takes away from us and makes us less than them.
    • NEW: When I notice the abundance around me, or notice beauty in someone else, or appreciate those around me, positive energy grows and multiplies, and I draw more of the juicy yummy stuff to myself!
    What I have learned is that I must first find my purpose, be myself, take care of me--and then (here's the most important part . . . ready?)
    I live life in service to others
    from a juicy place of
    (rather than exhaustion and resentment . . .)

    What are your OLD beliefs? How can you replace them with new and improved-emPOWERed--Personal Codes of Truth? (let me know in the comments!) 
    Hope you are letting your light shine and you are living LARGE and in CHARGE! Keeping yourself small doesn't serve you or others!

    So much love--
    ;0) dana

    Friday, October 23, 2015

    mEet mE aT the pUmpkIn pAtcH II . . . !

    toO mUcH fUn!

    hEy fUn & fRee pEEps!

    Yesterday when I was writing about how much I like fall, I noticed that I really couldn't choose a favorite season . . . 'cuz there are so many special things wrapped in to every time of year for me.

    I think it's because of being connected to the
    cycles of nature,
    and to
    magical holidays
    I tie to each season. 
    One thing I know for sure is this:
    wherever and whenever we are,
    thErever and thenever we are,
    . . . so why not be grateful, bless the moment and time of year, and savor every minute? 
    Trying to accept and find lessons in
    evErYthIng that simply is
    has been a revolutionary and life changing process for me.
    I've spent a lot of my time and energy
    reSisTiNg whAt iS,
    and it's depleting, & exhausting . . .
    it's like hOldiNg a mOnSteR gruDge,
    shouting at a thunderstorm,
    or flipping someone off in a traffic jam!
    (it doesn't really make sense, on other words . . .)

    It is a great gift to be in charge of our reactions to our circumstances. We get to create the meaning of the events, relationships, and circumstances in our lives . . . so we don't have to react from a place of eGo(away!). Plus, we can't really take action to change anything until we have accepted wHaT sImPLy iS nOw,
    can we?
    Here are just a few amazing things to love about fall:
    • school starting
    • crunchy leaves underfoot . . . howling wind whipping leaves upward through the air
    • crackling fires in the backyard pit
    • jammy days with my kids
    • yummy thick socks & winter coats
    • sausage, potato, and leek soup
    • a piping hot cup of coffee with cream in the afternoon
    • blanky forts in the basement
    • seeing my breath in the crisp fall air
    • sleeping in and having joke parties in bed with my kids
    What do you love about the season? Leave me a comment below . . . I'd love to hear it!

    Back to my bLaNky! Have a beautiful fall day!

    Thursday, October 22, 2015

    At the Pumpkin Patch . . .


    Happy fall!

    I don't know about you, but fall is my favorite season (next to winterspring, & summer . . . btw English teacher moment . . . seasons are not capitalized . . .). Anyway, there are so many things to write about regarding Halloweenpumpkins, and SpOoKy oCtoBer!

    Here's something cool! Isn't it amazing there are signs provided 4 us at the pumpkin patch (of life!)? Did you know Ur life has signs as well? They are in your feelings and around u everywhere if you pay attention! 

    Here are the signs from the pumpkin patch, along with how I interpret them from my life perspective right now:
    • squash: I know there are some habits and behaviors I have that I need to squash--like, as in, KNOCK IT OFF!
    • restrooms: I will benefit from resting and taking great care of myself . . .
    • apple farm: I will eat in a healthy way and fill up with fruits and vegetables . . .
    • corn mazes: I sometimes feel really lost and I have no idea where I'm going, but I trust that I will be led to wherever I need to be when I pay attention to the signs and my intuition
    • petting farm: I benefit in so many ways when I give my love and attention to others . . . Giving is how we receive!
    • hayride: sometimes I just need to allow someone else to be in charge, steer me in the right direction, and sit back and enjoy the ride . . .
    • catapults: I often need to take a leap of faith without knowing exactly where I'm headed . . . WEEEEEEEE!
    • cannon: see above . . . catapult X 100!
    • bakery: I know I can nurture myself . . . with warm & loving energy, food, and relationships!

    Look at this amazing space for fabulous family fun! I saw so many yummy families and even a cutie baby sleeping in a flatbed wagon with an amazing blankie pile. What signs have you paid attention to lately? Send me a comment and let me know . .  they are all around!

    Lots of love,

    gOt (her)sToRy?

    "Friends can help each other.
    A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself-and especially to feel. 
    Or, not feel. 
    Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. 
    That's what real love amounts to-
    letting a person be what he really is." 

    - Jim Morrison, songwriter

    HeLLo dEaR OneS,

    hOpe this message finds you amazing . . . or not. Let me rephrase that: hOpe this message finds you wherever you are.
    Caught up with one of my besties the other day and it turns out we both had kind of a rough week (yay! it's Sunday!). I'm so glad I have a friend who I can be totally honest with, and who stil thinks I'm amazing, even if things aren't all wOnDerFuL! Anyway, as we were catching up on the phone & exchanging stories about the messed up stuff that had happened to us and how dreAdFul it is, after all (well, not really, but I'll explain . . .).

    As I listened and talked and we regurgitate the details, it ALL began to sound very fAmiLiar.
    Now, I've known my friend for almost 10 years now, and more recently she has become one of my closest chums. And what I realized today, was that we have been telling the same stories (different specific content, but basically the same story line--) OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & OVER & . . . (you get the point).

    And, in the middle of the conversation we had kind of an AHA moment (enter parade with trumpets blaring, etc.), that our experiences and stories are 100% about US (not about the other people or circumstances we were complaining about). My friend curiously said that the only thing we can change about our stories is US! I think what she meant is that these same stories will keep showing up until we can react differently to people and situations that trigger us, set boundaries with with the same people and situations, and then let go of the story and focus on taking care of oUrSelves and living in our own personal integrity. 

    After all,
    life is one big
    I suppose that means if I change myself, 
    I will change what I see in the mirror.
    Hmmn . . . . . 

    Personally, my story is getting pretty boring to me, and I'm not so sure telling it anymore is making my relationships any better, ar any more deep and lasting (although my friends and family have, in fact, been pretty patient...thanks aLL! I promise I've been working on dropping it!).


    So, how do we drop our story from the past and live in the present moment? And, at the same time, step forward into the possibilities for our future?

    I'm going to noodle on that overnight . . . and talk to some of my people. I obviously need some help with it, or I wouldn't be attracting the same stuff over and over. Do you have any ideas? Let me know in the comments!

    Once upon a time, . . . Once upon a time, . . . THE END! 

    Tuesday, October 20, 2015

    YoU R a PraYer (veRb and noUn) . . .

    "Let today be a day where you take nothing for granted.
    For life is fleeting, fragile and precious and can change on a whim.
    Say all the things you really want to say to your loved ones today,
    say the things you would regret should they pass on and your words remain unspoken. 
    Rejoice, for you and they are alive today - -
    and should you or them pass on to unknown shores,
    rejoice even more for you have a wonderful love story to tell."

    - Jackson Kiddard
    Happy Tuesday!

    In the face of some recent news, I have been doing some thinking about what I would do if I knew I had a short amount of time left in this incarnation. If I knew I would be crossing over, leaving the physical realm we call Earth--to the next amazing vibration of space and time. Would I have any regrets? Would there be things left unsaid and undone?

    I really have to think about this, because GUESS WHATI may only have a short amount of time left as me--Dana Lynne Curry Bradach. After all, who really knows? 

    I certainly don't want to be THAT person with many, many regrets. 

    I want to be the aMa-zing sUpEr-goDdEsS with the neon pink tiara and chunky black boots who:
    • loves at every opportunity ;)
    • shares my gifts with the world
    • lives a life of service
    • laughs loud with no apologies (and occasionally snorts, too!) 
    • gives loved ones BIG BEAR hugs everyday
    • faces my fears with courage, grace, and curiosity   
    A few summers back, I was walking through the woods when I looked up at the trees; I heard in my inner voice whisper this message: "Your life is a prayer."

    What if each of our lives are simple prayers?

    What if every moment  in your life is a holy encounter--every action you take has a higher purpose, and every relationship in your life is holy and ON PURPOSE (even the tough stuff)? 

    What if you gave that much respect and attention to your own divine existence!

    There are only two ways to live your life.

     One is as though nothing is a miracle.

    The other is as though everything is a miracle. 

    ~Albert Einstein

    What would you do if you knew you only had a limited time left to live your fullest, most amazing life? I dare you to act today like everything is a purposeful, delicious, MIRACLE!

    Lots of Love,
    :) Dana