Friday, October 23, 2015

mEet mE aT the pUmpkIn pAtcH II . . . !

toO mUcH fUn!

hEy fUn & fRee pEEps!

Yesterday when I was writing about how much I like fall, I noticed that I really couldn't choose a favorite season . . . 'cuz there are so many special things wrapped in to every time of year for me.

I think it's because of being connected to the
cycles of nature,
and to
magical holidays
I tie to each season. 
One thing I know for sure is this:
wherever and whenever we are,
thErever and thenever we are,
. . . so why not be grateful, bless the moment and time of year, and savor every minute? 
Trying to accept and find lessons in
evErYthIng that simply is
has been a revolutionary and life changing process for me.
I've spent a lot of my time and energy
reSisTiNg whAt iS,
and it's depleting, & exhausting . . .
it's like hOldiNg a mOnSteR gruDge,
shouting at a thunderstorm,
or flipping someone off in a traffic jam!
(it doesn't really make sense, on other words . . .)

It is a great gift to be in charge of our reactions to our circumstances. We get to create the meaning of the events, relationships, and circumstances in our lives . . . so we don't have to react from a place of eGo(away!). Plus, we can't really take action to change anything until we have accepted wHaT sImPLy iS nOw,
can we?
Here are just a few amazing things to love about fall:
  • school starting
  • crunchy leaves underfoot . . . howling wind whipping leaves upward through the air
  • crackling fires in the backyard pit
  • jammy days with my kids
  • yummy thick socks & winter coats
  • sausage, potato, and leek soup
  • a piping hot cup of coffee with cream in the afternoon
  • blanky forts in the basement
  • seeing my breath in the crisp fall air
  • sleeping in and having joke parties in bed with my kids
What do you love about the season? Leave me a comment below . . . I'd love to hear it!

Back to my bLaNky! Have a beautiful fall day!

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