Friday, October 16, 2015

yOu SeE wHat yOu SeE(k) !

Go(o)d day, fantastic funfree-me-tastical magicals!
(made up compliment-word with super energy! maybe a little carried away, however). . .

Do you realize that YOU are responsible for the movies (aka LIFE) you create (someone has to tell you this stuff, right? I hope I was gentle enough about it . . . and there's more go(o)d news!)

Here it is: You can project anything you want on your screen and life will act as a MIRROR:RORRIM and give it right back to you! Case in point, you for sure have noticed that groSs cRapPy energy can be contagious ( thanks...), but SO CAN smiling at everyone (they smile back almost 100% of the time, right?) and laughter

So here's the million dollar question: Why would you choose to give out the crap (and get it back), when you can get the yummy juicy good stuff (and get it back)?

I dare you for one day, even if you think your life sucks, to intentionally be positive and try to shift your frequency to being AMAZINGLY pOSiTiVE and LiGhT!

Here are sOmE ways to do it [review for the big test (JK)]:

  • smile at everyone, and laugh your butt off!
  • don't take everything personally or so seriously--GET OUT OF YOUR DRAMA
  • give people compliments
  • show your gratitude with your words and actions
  • write anonymous love notes
  • do R.A.K. (random acts of kindness) note: you may need credit at first, but it's more fun to do if people don't know it was you!
  • do super awesome random dance moves
  • think amazing loving thoughts about everyone around you (even if you think they are annoying, "popular", ugly, emo, etc...)
  • breathe deeply 100 times (daughter's recommendation)
Got hApPy? It's a choice, yo----I dare you to try it! (leave me a comment and let me know how it goes!)

Love and love squared (like, to the second power for all you math GeEkS)!--

;) dana

p.s. i am a maTh geEk! pRoPs to mAtH gEekS!

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