Tuesday, October 27, 2015

jUsT bE yOu! buZz . . . buZz . . !

ecard - Be who you know you are
WeLL HeLLo funfree fLowErz & BuZZiNg BEs! (word play alert),

I just love the amazing picture and message I found in my mailbox from notsalmon.com about being, well, ME! Check it out on the left!

Yesterday I wrote a bit about just BEing . . . which is kind of hard for me, I admit. Going to the beautiful quiet space where I'm with myself is getting easier, and I've found that I am actually liking my own company. I do have to remember to intentionally breathe, relax, and be in the present moment--sometimes meditating or doing yoga really helps me with that--and, I continue to work on quieting the inner voice that sometimes bosses me around and constantly tells me what I SHOULD be doing (you know, like, SHOULD-ing on myself?!), or criticizes me.

Last year, the wallpaper on my cell phone read: 

Just be . . . !

'cuz I knew I needed to learn the lesson of slowing down and BEing present . . . and not spinning my wheels around DOing and DOing and DOing (kind of like running from mySelf).

A few months ago, I changed my wallpaper by one word: 

Just be . . . me! . . . 

Here's the thing: If I want to know myself and JUST BE ME, as in the one and only Dana Lynne Curry Bradach (not that I think I'm like so cool or better or anything . . . !), I had to learn to just be . . . first. Otherwise, how would I have the quiet presence to be with myself and get to know me?

Just like the flower in the cartoon above, . . . I want to wisely follow my primal Dana gut instincts to attain my highest level of Dana-osity!

Truthfully, I am kind of a nut (in a good way), and I think & act like a kid sometimes, but I'm also extremely smart, organized, loving, kind, and responsible. There's more, I know, and there's also some yucky stuff, too--but I'm doing my darndest to BE the BE(st) ME I can BE


p.s. but not perfeckt ;0)

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