Friday, October 9, 2015

nO MEans nO . . . (and yEs to ME)! yAy!

Hey FreEple!

So yesterday I blOgGed about trUsting yoUrself and your inner S(elf) and listening to your gut (aka third chakra!). I don't know about you--but I have spent a HUGE amount of time and energy saying yes all my stuff I didn't really want to do in my GUT.

We humans tend to do this out of fear, like, for example, here's what we think in our silly melon-heads:

If I don't __________(fill in the blank) . . . 
            . . . then (here comes the made up story) someone might:
  • be mad at me
  • not like me
  • be disappointed
  • I might miss out
  • everybody else is doing it
  • I won't be popular
Do you want to make your decisions and live your life based on fear of outside stuff (which you are actually making up in your head and which probably will NEVER happen), or do you want to trUst your gUt, say NO (or H-no!) which means you are also saying YES to U and basing your decisions on lOvE and trUst of Ur inside stuff (Ur gut)!
That's what it means to put the U in trUst. In the groWn uP world, we call this setting boundaries. It's kinda like claiming your territory as a person who gets to choose what feels right for U firmly (and sometimes gently)with NO apologies. 

BTW: U can't say yes to others unless U say it to U first, yo (U)!
Just sayin'! Can I get a WOOT-WOOT?!

Love (me first), and then lOvE U--- sosososos mUch!
:) Ur sEcReT aDmiRer,