Sunday, October 18, 2015

wE R sOsO gR8-fuLL . . .!

mY bRavE gIrL!
(with favorite blankie . . .)
Hey yoU aLL!

My baby girl, Chloe, is so so so so so so so tired. We are in the hospital after a 911 call this morning. She was picked up by an ambulance after waking up feeling pretty darn yucky. Chloe has diabetes, which means her body does not process sugar . . . so, every time she eats anything with carbohydrates, she needs insulin because her body doesn't produce it in her pancreas.
Chloe is in the
after she was throwing up. Her blood sugar was running really high, and she went in to what is called "DK" or diabetic ketoacidosis--which basically means that her body wasn't getting the insulin it needs. As a result, she got dehydrated, headachy, and listless.

Chloe is so brave and smart because of her disease, AND it's really hard sometimes. She's tired, and when her blood sugar is HIGH she get a tummy ache and headache, and when it's LOW she feels faint--like she is going to pass out, and she also gets sleepy.

I have learned so much about being present from Chloe. Like, for example, I really didn't want to do my blog today, 'cuz I want to take care of her. If she weren't asleep, I was just going to tell all of you that I couldn't blog today.

The nurses and doctors at the hospital were so amazing, and I just wanted to say how lucky and grateful I am that we have amazing healthcare coverage so my family gets taken care of when we are sick, and so we can also get regular preventative care so we all can maintain being healthy. 

I really can't imagine what we would do without Chloe's team of specialists--so thank you Children's Hospital of Saint Paul--for your amazing staff! 

While she was at the hospital, Chloe did crafts, got visits from 2 doggies (yeah!), watched a movie, listened to meditation music, and even got a massage!

Anyway, Chloe just woke up, and she is starting to feel better. She wants me to tell you:"Yo--Chloe's in the House!" 

I know that the best gift I can give to the people in my life is BEING PRESENT. Which means--I pay attention to what is RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AS IF THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IN MY LIFE!

What do you think about that? How do you maintain PRESENCE in your life? Let me know in the comments . . . 
So much love!
;0) Dana

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