Sunday, October 11, 2015

dReAm bIG . . .

Dear Fun & Free Peeps!

This amazing poster by Karen Salmonsohn found me a few days ago, and I'm superly (made up word, but I can . . .) compelled to blog about it today! We all have wishes, right? And--something I'm learning a LOT! LOT! LOT! (bang me over the head and scream in my ear, LOT!) about right now (besides my life's purpose ;) is that if I want to receive what I wish for--like, I want my wishes to come true-- it's my job as a Child of the Universe to leverage it by doing a few things, which I am going to couch in the list from this amazing POSTER:
  1. Feel your dream with all your might.
  2. List your "To Do's," Write. Write. Write.
  3. Overwhelmed? Take Smaller bites.
  4. Frustrated? Focus on all that's right.
  5. Impatient? Focus on what's within sight.
  6. Hustle each day. Appreciate progress each night.

So, as we enter the New Year and create more intend-tions, let's take a closer look in the next days at Salmonsohn's message, item by item--

Can't wait!
Love, Dana

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