Sunday, August 19, 2012

lOvE it aLL! . . . and LeT gO(d)!

"There is a divine plan working for us—all the time. 
The cosmic computer of the universe has created us to be,
do and have everything we want, need and desire." 
David Simon said, "Your attachment to people, things,
and beliefs makes you feel vulnerable when they
fail to meet your expectations.
Learn to love what is, let go,
and surrender to the mind of the universe."
~Chopra Center
goOd mOrNinG (& afternOOn) eVerYbOdy!

Once again, I have been reminded that I am not in charge of anything! I went to a friend's cabin with my two kids and my amazing MoM this past weekend, and I was surrounded by seven kids and seven (eEeW! gRownUps!). It was amazingly chaotic, fun, and crazy! 
Top secret: grownups can be sosososo bossy and loud! I want them to BE QUIET!


I really had to let go and GO WITH THE FLOW! We boated, swam, played cards & watched movies, went to the candy store, watched the sunset, and I even went out on a surfboard...which I was really scared about! . . . but I didn't fall off!

Anyway, one of the kids got LiCe and we all freaked out for a whole morning (we were actually going to leave . . . but then we didn't...) . . . but then, it was all okay . . . it always is, isn't it, anyway?

So, as usual, things were not exactly the perfect way I had imagined . . . but it's okay. . . it's not about me and what I think about how things should go . . . as a matter of fact, it's exhausting trying to maneuver everything and control everyone---'cuz it's all out of my control  . . .


What are you Not in COntrol of (but you'd really like to be?)
Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Lotsa Love!
;) d-dog 

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