Tuesday, October 23, 2012

i am wiTh m(e)SelF! yikEys! . . . and yAy!

What are yOu mOst grAteFuL 4 on This dAy?
Tuesday, October 23, 2012
wHoA y'aLL!

mOnster learning cUrve 4 me tonight! . . .  it may sound weird,  . . . but I am all alone . . . and, it's not a bad thing! I am learning to loVe the compan(ionship) of mE, and take beautiful care of ME!

After a long but awesome day at my teaching job (I LOVE my Job and I lOve my kiDDoS & coLLeagues . . . even if they bug me) . . . I picked up my magical daughter from school, watched h2O (MERMAID SHOW) with her, had a bite to eat, and then went to Max's soccer game with my MOM (yo MIMI!) and Chloe! 

Afterwards, my kids went home with their dad ;( I always miss them . . . and I was BY MYSELF . . .

In the picture above, notice I have no makeup on, I have just taken a wonderful cleansing lavender soaking bath, and I am in my PIRATE ROBE (my kids have matching pirate robes, too . . . all three of us. I bought them off the clearance rack in the little boys department at Target . . . my favorite store. . . and XL for ME, a L for my magical son, MAX, and a SM for my amazing girl, CHLOE . . .). I think they were, like, $5.97 each . . . but totally PRICELESS!

Random SpongeBob SquarePants Pirate movie: AAAARRGHH!

I am also listening to a CD by Damien Rice that I got from one of my lifelong soul mates (whom I actually haven't seen or spoken with for years, but we're still connected . . . get it? it's bigger than FAceTime, faceBook, YouTube, GmaiL, TwiTTer, PinTresT or . . . . you fill in the blank).

You can also see me above with my favorite candle that reads, "What are you most grateful for on this day?" And really, that's where I like to live . . . in graTitUde.

But sometimes it's tough.

Most of us operate on a deficit, as in, we need more of (whatever) in order to feel complete. Problem is, we don't always realize that we need to fill up on our own love and care for ourselves, and stop looking for stuff from the oUTsIde in.

So that's why I'm secretly (not) proud tonight.

I have my favorite things around me: my musica lavender bathmy pirate robe, my blog (hey ho!), my candle, oyster crackers, and my diptych painting entitled "It'll All Make Sense Soon." I bought it as a leap of faith about 5 years ago when I felt my life was falling apart. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE TITLE WAS WHEN I BOUGHT IT!
Coincidence? Yeah , right.!
And, of course, last but not least . . . our new favorite sign in the kitchen:
I mean, really, what more can you say?

Life is so, so Go(o)d. And WE make it so, by loving ourselves.

Night, night, y'All. Sweet dreams (as my best friend says ;) . . .
maNy blEsSiNgs and LoVe!

(i heArT) mE!

p.s. how do you take care of you? Leave me a comment and SpiLL it! We all need ideas!

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  1. ...like trying to separate the water from the ocean. Hope you've had a happy day. <3 M