Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Are You Living in Your Fate or your Destiny?

My Destiny
"Your destination in this life . . . the reality of who you ultimately are — who you can become through all your activated options — is referred to as your destiny.   
The process of destiny has forever . . . the awakening however, will take place in a single given moment . . . welcome its arrival with all your heart and with every breath.
The journey of a human life is to travel from where you are — your fate — to who you are — your destiny.  
Most people consciously or unconsciously distract themselves from living in either of these locations. They are neither where they are, or who they are, but a chaotic mixture of being distracted from the actualities of fate and doubting the possibilities of destiny. 
All this while life — patiently and dutifully — waits on some parallel track . . . waiting for consciousness to awaken to at least one of these opportunities."        
~Guru Singh
Hello All--

I am still making sense of this amazing message, but when I read Guru Singh's post, I am excited to be reminded that I have a destiny that is my very own (even though I don't quite know what it is yet--but I have a pretty good idea about what it is . . . problem is, it takes a pretty big leap of faith for me to get there, and I don't feel quite ready). Nobody else in the planet has the same destiny as mine, because they are not me, Dana Lynne Curry.

And when I think about fate--I think about my daily egoic human existence--where I feel like I am full of baggage, limitations, and doubt--I feel "lower than." But my ego also puffs me up, and tells me that I am smarter, more valuable, righter (made up word), and "better than" others. This is all a bunch of BS; we are all ONE

So if "where I am"--is my fate--and "where I want to get to" (who I am)--is my destiny,
  • What can I do? 
  • What can I do to awaken my consciousness? 
  • Especially knowing that it's not on my timeline? 
Do I simply wait for my awakening, and create all the ripe possibilities for that to happen by taking care of myself in the meantime, by:
  • eating well
  • sleeping well
  • taking care of my body
  • speaking my truth
  • surrounding myself with like-minded people 
  • meditating, doing yoga
  • living in the moment
What has worked for you? How do you enter into your destiny, even if you're not sure what it is? How do you embrace you human-ness and play with fate in the choices you make?

LOve you!

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