Saturday, April 27, 2013

Forget about it!

Did you seriously know elephants could swim?

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I've been checking out and writing about Cherie Carter-Scott's Ten Rules for being Human for the past week or so. It has been an amazing journey, and I've been reminded of so much (stuff I had forgotten . . . see rule 10!)

Sadly, we just have the last left to consider:

10. You will forget all this.

 "Live life fully while you're here. 
Experience everything.
Take care of yourself and your friends.
Have fun, be crazy, be weird.
Go out and screw up!
You're going to anyway,
so you might as well enjoy the process.
Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes:
find the cause of your problem and eliminate it.
Don't try to be perfect;
just be an excellent example of being human." 

- Anthony Robbins

Do you embrace and live fully in your craZiNeSS? One thing I loVE about the quote from AR is that he encourages us to be super goofy and fUn! And--we forget the lessons we have already learned sometimes, . . . and that's just fine! The Universe will send us reminders.

That can be amazingly scary for folks when they worry a lot about what other people think about them. What I've learned in the last few years, is that if I am play-acting and trying to iMpReSS others about how awesome I am, and I am trying to be a certain way--I am not being truthful 'cuz when I'm trying, it's not me. When I'm me, I don't usually have to try
 (. . . well, unless I'm in a situation where I would normally do the whole people pleasing BS and I am consciously trying NOT to do it...)

Anyway, being hu(wo)man and ImPerFecKt is so awesome 'cuz I am not TRyIng so hard to control what everyone thinks of me (or what I make up @ what they think of me) aND (bonus) I can relax!

Totally takes the pressure off.

And I can do loving things for myself despite when I screw up---and I am more okay when other people screw up--I can be more loving to them! It's all good! 

Here's my new secret: (shhhhhhh . . . please tell EverYonE!)


and sometimes their best totally sucks to us . . .
(believe me, I get it . . . I've been there!)


Don't you want other pEEpS
to ASSume
are always doing and being your bEsT?

So, I challenge you to

sOmEtImeS, (& . . . don't tell nE1 . . .) my best SUCKS! SUCKS HUGE! aND I don'T always know why! Sometimes, my best is to get my butt out of bed and gO pEE---'cuz I'm sad, or mad, or SUpEr sTuCk! (but not very often, anymore, thankfully . . . )

AnyWay, hope you get what I mEan. When have you given someone else a miss, and let them off the hook of your JUDGEMENT!? I think sometimes we for-get that judging is really about US--not about the person we're judging. Has this happened to you? Let me know in the comments!

Love you and love EverYoNE!
;0) dAnA-drOpLeT (that's what my bro used to call me . . .)

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