Sunday, April 7, 2013

LooK in ThE MIrrOr:rOrrIM

Consciousness sleeps in minerals,
dreams in vegetables,
wakes up in animals,
and starts to become self-aware in humans.

Today I was listening to a podcast by Guru Singh (my new best friend, please tell him if you run in to him!), and he was speaking about the characters who show up in our lives. He said that we need to accept every encounter as a part of ourselves with neutrality, and detach from the experience. That sounded so strange to me. 

I have been reacting to others--what I have perceived as both good and bad--all my life.

He said that we must see the "I" in every encounter if we want to learn.

What I know now is that everyone in our lives mirrors parts of us.

Know why? "Cuz we assign the meaning of others actions, words, behaviors, and ways of being through our own lenses. That means when we recognize something in others, there must be a similar trait in our own lives that is being mirrored back to us.

Which brings me back to surrounding ourselves with peeps who reflect our BEST SELVES, and setting boundaries around those relationships where we don't show up in our best light (although these can be some of our best opportunities for growth).

Self awareness gives us the ability to realize that
our minds are conditioned by experience,
and by cultural, religious, and historical circumstances.
~Deepak Chopra

Everyone in our lives can serve as a mirror, if we pay attention. The important thing, is to take responsibility for what we see as reflections. It's all amazing learning, after all!

We are so, so lucky!

Love you so much!

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