Friday, June 1, 2012


Hey All--

Hope this beautiful day finds you amazing! 
I have been thinking and experiencing a lot about being iMperfeCkt. I've been feeling a bit beat up this we(a)k!
And, I am reminded and reminded about my imPerFeckTion! (but i might be making this up!?)
We all have blind/blonde spots, and mine seems to be tEcHnoLogy lately--phones, lights, computers, monitors, you name it. I have been trying so hard to do the right thing around teChNology--but I keep screwing up! I keep forgetting to tuRn thinGs off lately, which wastes energy. noT cOoL...
Even though I have been doing my best around this--to the point that I have made notes to myself, had others help me out, and texted myself about it. But I still have been screwing up! What the heck?
I could:
  • Continue to try to figure this out...
  • Be mad at the people who keep telling me I'm screwing up...
  • Let go of the drama of this and quit thinking about it...
  • Or, just keep learning about this blind spot and accept that I am hu(wo)man...
  • Get defensive... but that's me entering into my own DrAma (DharMa)
...which reminds me about the powEr of SouNd!

Hear is some amazing meditation music for you! I will be listening to it tonight for sure! 

Happy almost summer, y'all!
;) dana


  1. Don't get mad at technology....maybe use less of it and be more present.


    1. That comment is an amazing "PrEsEnT"... and great food for thought! Thanks!
      ;0) dana