Thursday, June 28, 2012

maN-Tra-La-La (cOnTinuEd . . .)


Hey All--got maNtrA?

Yesterday I blogged about a mantra, or a special saying that we cary with us to ground us. Kind of like a pErSoNal cOde oF tRuTh! Gandhi calls a mantra a "staff of life"--kind of like a walking stick that supports you through life's not so super fun challenges.
So when Chloe, my daughter, wrote her candle prayer (here's another small picture---sososos cOoL! nOte: you can see my toes at the bottom 'cuz I'm just polishing up my ultra amazing photographer sKiLLz!) btw: I think feet are so grOsS!

Anyway, below in BOLD are Chloe's mantras that I told you about yesterday. I'm gonna write a bit about each one--and especially since they came from a kid they are for sure true 'cuz it's my firm beLiEf that sometimes, 
KiDs kNow a heckuva lOt mOrE
than the ridiculously grown up gRoWnUps!

  • Dream Big!--so like, don't ever limit yourself, and know in your heart that you were born to do amazing things (remember: your life is a miracle!)
  • Praise God and You!--I think this means to always remember that there is a You-niverse that is larger than you (like God) and that higher power has your back and your best interests in mind--always! The second part about praising yourself means that there is God and the divine right inside of fabulous You, and you can check in to it anytime 'cuz it's always available to guide You!
  • Meditate and think who You are--instead of running around like a crazy person doing a buzzillion activities all the time, make sure you take quiet time to listen to your heart and gut--this quiet time is super important to get to know YourSelf!
  • Live the life you love, love the life you live!--do all the stuff you love that fills you up with joy and energy (this includes spending time with peeps who adore and support you!). Loving the life you live means celebrating the stuff that's in front of you and living in the moment--not worrying about the past and freaking out about the future!@#$!
There are 5 more of Chloe's mantras, and I'm gonna write about those 2-morrow! 
  • Have fun!
  • Speak up to them!
  • Who cares what they say?
  • Love people that don't like you!
  • Like and love you so much!
I wonder how she got so smart? I'm so grateful and lucky for her and my son, Max! I'm a bleSSeD mOm!
Today, I wrote down my PersOnAL cODeS of tRuTH in sidewalk chalk  on my driveway (I'll share them with you in a few?!) What are some of your own personal codes of truth? Write 'em down! 

So mUch lOvE 
;) dana

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