Friday, June 29, 2012


Snatam Kaur: The Sun Shines On Everyone

Hey Fun and free Peeps All! --
Above is a beautiful meditation about how there is enough SUN in the world for All of Us! You can actually substitute any word for sun--for example, lOvE, tIme, mOnEy, rElAtionShip, . . . (chocolate, blankies...!). 
So, this is my last installment about Chloe's mantras. Yesterday, I unpacked the first few . . . but there's more! BONUS! You know, like, extra credit, or two for one, or B(uy)O(ne)G(et)O(ne)!

  • Have fun!: Like--as in--enjoy life! Too many people are into the drama that life should be sososos hard and complain about everything that is wrong when there are sososo many BLEssIngs! Why can't we focus on the positive?
  • Speak up to them!: Speak your truth without apology--even if you have made a mistake. You are human and you get to screw up. Knowing that and learning is part of being a hu(wo)man or kid. So, apologize when you need to, own your part, and move on. If others cant move on, it's not about you!
  • Who cares what they say? Don't live from the outside in. Your words and actions should come from amazing and powerful YOU and not from what you think others will think or feel about you. YOUR LIFE IS NOT ABOUT OTHERS! IT'S ABOUT YOU--TAKING YOUR PLACE IN THE SUN! YOU DESERVE IT!
  • Love people that don't like you! Understand that how others feel about you is not actually about you--they don't like you 'cuz they've seen something in you they don't like about themselves, yo.
  • Like and love you so much! You are a human and the most important thing is that you accept and like and love yourself before others. You have to loVe you before U can love others. This may sound weird-- but your first relationship is with yourSelf...and then--after you love YOU, you can loVe otHeRs!
So, FFPs, I hope you have a beautiful moment/day today! The YOU-niverse lOvEs--LovEs--loVES you so mUcH!
:) dana


  1. Your daughter is awesome! Must have something to do with having an awesome mom.

    1. Thanks so much; it's true that she's awesome and inspiring!