Monday, December 10, 2012

goT sIgN? (continued . . . )

"The peaceful warrior's way is not about invulnerability,
but absolute vulnerability--
to the world, to life, and to the Presence you felt.
All along I've shown you by example
that a warrior's life is not about imagined perfection or victory;
it is about love.
Love is a warrior's sword; wherever it cuts, it gives life, not death." 
- Dan Millman

HeY aLL!

Yesterday I wrote the story about my favorite ring . . . (for a bit of background, read the post below!). Even though I didn't know it at the time, my ring has Celtic rune on it that means spiritual warrior, and a strong  symbol of protection. DO you have special symbols that have spoken to you in your life? The symbolic rune"Algiz" serves as a mirror for Spiritual Warrior, the one whose battle is always with the self. Here's a bit more about it:

Literally: “Elk”
Esoteric: Protection, Higher Self
PSI: divinity, higher self, the state of listening
Energy: protective teaching force, the divine plan, 
Mundane: protection, safety, spirituality
Divinations: Connection with the gods, awakening, higher life, protection.
* from
When I look back at my life, I realize that this symbol has been with me for a lot longer than I was aware-- for example, I have been drawn to this image in art I have chosen for my home . . . 
in gifts I have received from family and friends . . .
 and I see this rune in many everyday sightings, like, for example in leaves and trees . . .
I even keep a special token with this rune in my pocket each day . . .

About my ring . . .  I had the necklace made into a ring, and then months later, when I had yet another challenge, I decided to have my jeweler add the ruby "heart" to the ring, surrounded by gold--, and the three white diamonds to symbolize my magical number, three--and the love among Chloe, Max, and me. Last year, the ring's final transformation was adding 9 (3+3+3) sapphires around the symbol, three of which were placed above the head of the figure, at the crown chakra.
I truly believe the Universe speaks to us quietly in powerful symbols and patterns that surround us everyday--and one of our highest callings is to pay attention to them and learn from them. For me this means staying conscious, present, and aware so that I can benefit from these quiet messages.
Do you have a symbol that has found you and has worked magic in your life? Leave a comment and tell your story behind your special symbol!
Have a beautiful day!

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