Thursday, December 20, 2012

mY bAbY gIrL . . . Happy birthday, Chloe!

ChloE's in HeLLo KiTTy Shirt!

Hey All!
I think you already know this, but one of my most important and favorite things to be in life is a
pRouD mOmmA!
today is mY
bAbY gIrL's bIrtHday!

December 19th, 2012
Dear Sweet Chloe,
Happy 9th birthday! When you were born, you had white hair and little tiny pink lips. You were so precious and beautiful, that we decided to name you "Chloe"--which means, "blooming flower." Max used to call you "Pinky" and "Ce Ce." I want to remind you what I totally love about you and what I believe makes you a very special girl:
  • You are always thinking about other people’s feelings and you try to be kind when kids get teased or if they feel bad.
  • You take very good care of yourself and your health.
  • You have awesome dance moves and you are a great singer!
  • You love doing crafts, making jewelry, and decorating rooms so they look cool.
  • You love the water and swimming.
  • You are willing and excited to try new things and go on adventures!
  • You are forgiving and understanding.
  • You are a great helper!
  • You love animals so much!
  • You are hilarious—especially when we make random videos on PhotoBooth!
  • You love God and have lots of faith and spirit.
I am so so blessed to have you, Chloe the Great, in my life. I love you to the moon and back, and I am tickled to be your mom! It’s my favorite thing to be!

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