Friday, January 18, 2013

bE tHe iNSpiRatIon . . .

Dear FFPS:

This is a letter I received from one of my former students--I am so so lucky! I love my job so much! Here's her message:

Miss Dana Curry,

I just want to say thanks. Thanks to the time and thought you put into your blog everyday. When I get home after a tiring day of school I look forward to logging onto my email and reading you Fun Free Me post (or as I like to call them MY DAILY DOSE OF HAPPINESS). 

The fun and quirky things you put on here make me smile and laugh and I appreciate it so very much! Your fabulous words made me think more and more about how I can make a difference so I wrote a poem!

you have wings
so fly high

you have fins 

so dive deep
you have words
so write them down
you have feelings
so tell the world
you have a choice
so make it right
you have time
so relax
you have friends
so be loving
you have a family
so be loved
you have love 
so spread it out
you have a life
so make it last <3

I honestly can't say in words how much I love your blog! Thanks again!!!
---sincerely Allie Dallmann former 8th grade student :)

I am so very grateful to inspire anybody . . .
Be The Love!

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