Saturday, January 19, 2013

sUr...pRiZe! a rAndOm aCt oF kInDneSs . . .

ChiCken in tHe HouSe!
notice the superman & warrior pose
Hey all!

I got the best surprise of my life today! Two of my former students, Kyle and Andy (now in super duper high school . . . but they're not very mature . . . j.k.!), came to my school today during lunch and brought me CHICKEN from Famous Cane's! 
I cried!
So, these two boys have apparently tried to bring me lunch before many times, only to be turned away by the office . . . . but GUESS WHAT!?

(today they broke into school to deliver me lunch)
sHHHH . . . don't tell anyone, especially my principal . . .
unbeknownst to me, 
they busted in a side door and were met by a staff member who let them in . . .
those grown up RULES (are meant to be broken, at times . . .)

It reminds me of when my dad was dying from cancer: He wasn't supposed to leave the hospital, but I told the nurses I was taking him in my car to drive around the lakes and go out for ice cream at Sebastian Joe's. They actually helped me kidnap my dad out the door, oxygen tanks and all... (we also went out the side door . . .). I knew the risks when I kidnapped my dad, and I didn't care; it was totally worth it--I was prepared for my dad to die in my car, and I knew if it happened, my dad would pass away being FULLY ALIVE.
So there.
Anyway, I was so grateful and happy my peeps came to bring me lunch. What a blessing! You guys rock!

What makes you feel fully alive? 
Leave us a comment and let us know !

Love you so much!