Friday, August 9, 2013

hAppInEsS iS . . .


Yesterday I wrote about Wholehearted Happiness--and today, I want to share a few things I feel grateful about:
  • tickle parties in the morning with my daughter, and morning breath wars!
  • a tender email from my brother wishing me a good day and reminding me how much he loves me and wishes the best for me.
  • the smile on my son's face when his bestie returns from vacation and calls him FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.
  • my daughter making homemade lipstick with her new friend, Sidney.
  • bagels and cream cheese for lunch.
  • napping with a mountain of blankies.
  • Max (my son) skateboarding with his best friend down the driveway--both of them singing their lungs out!
  • the beautiful breeze on my back deck as I write this blog.
  • my daughter and I going to get our nails done and Chloe wearing her pink nerd glasses.
  • sitting next to an old college friend chatting for 1/2 hour while getting a pedicure.
  • air conditioning.
  • Owen (my son's bestie) wearing his I LOVE BACON shirt we bought him for no reason at all, except that Max and Chloe have the same shirt and we all love BACON! (and the shirts were on clearance at TARGET).
  • money in the bank.
  • my mom wanting to take my kids to the Mayan exhibit at the science museum and go for a boat ride down the Mississippi.
What has made your heart smile today? Leave us a comment and share your experience!

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