Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WaVe yOuR fReaK fLaG!

So, this is the ultimate of her not caring how other people react to her waving her freak flag! 

My daughter, Chloe, and I are great at this. We biked around Lake Harriet yesterday and she gave me the biggest compliment of my life. She said,

"Mom, you have, like, really inspired me to be happy. Like my happiness is about me. Not about what other kids think or say."

I can't think of more important words coming from my precious daughter. 

I have been learning how to be more and more authentically myself--but first, I have to know ME. And, I have to put it out there. I am a silly, irreverant woman!

When I am trying to please someone else or meet someone else's needs before my own, I am not being true to ME.

So, big hugs to me. I'm glad I have blankies galore!
Good night,

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