Friday, August 2, 2013

I LoVe YoU!

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something and then gone up into your head and argued with that feeling?

Have you ever known what's right for you and then thought or talked yourself out of it? It's all very interesting, this human brain thing.

I wonder if cavemen fought with their primal instincts, or wondered if their butts looked big, had family of origin issues, or had dreams of climbing the tribal ladder . . .

Our brains are funny that way. Our minds like to weigh the pros and cons about stuff we already know the answers to--so we make lists, spin up into our heads incessantly, and questions our first and most primal instincts about how to navigate our lives with our hearts and guts.

Much of the time, our mind/ego/brain wins--because it wants control, it wants to rule, and it wants to be right, damnit. And while we think we evolve when we buy into all the marketing and success stories about what it means to "grow up" . . . finish high school, go to college, wait to fall in love until we are "set"--whatever that means . . . 

I believe that kids know what's true and right for them--'cuz they know how to listen to their bodies and guts--and they unlearn it through the process of what we call "growing up."

kids are smart . . . and they know the truth. And so did I.

The truth is: I want to Love and Be(Love)d. That's it. Everything else is illusion.

And it starts with me. It always did. Super wide abandoned unapologizing sloppy-kiss love,


Check out this Chopra vid about LovE!

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