Wednesday, May 20, 2015

iT's tHe jOuRnEy . . . nOt the dEsTiNaTiOn!

One week, I got this cool note from the Universe in my mailbox (I highly suggest going to and signing up for the daily Notes rom the Universe. . . they're awesome!). It reminded me that even when I can't see the top and the journey feels rough, I need to carry on and bless each step!:

If you knew of a spectacular mountain that was very,
very tall, yet climbable.
And if it was well established that from its peak,
you could literally see all the love that bathes the world,
dance with the angels, and party with the gods.
Would you curse or celebrate each step you took as you ascended it?
Dana Lynne, life is that mountain and each day a step.
Perspectives change everything,

    ~The Universe

Fear not. Last time I checked, Dana Lynne, 

you were so close to the top they were taking your toga measurements.

I am always amazed that I get just what I need at the right time (like this message). And with that, I am also reminded that I am always just right where I need to be--even if the climb gets tough, or I can't see the cool yummy stuff at the top (and I may not even know where I'm going, LOL!). See this card below? I got this card from one of bffs just about a week later. 
Coincidence? NOT!

(. . . nice Hello Kitty ring, Dana!)

I guess climbing isn't supposed to be easy all the time, is it, now? I mean, we sometimes have to catch our breath 'cuz of the bumps along the path or the changes in ELEVATION (duh) . . . or is it change due to our own EVOL-UTION? 

(word play warning: EVOL is LOVE spelled backwards!). 

It's totally worth it, though--'cuz as we climb, we get used to the air, and we can gaze at the breathtaking view . . . which gets more and more amazing as we climb to greater heights!

Good thing we're always CLIMBING UP and not just

                                                back(ass)wards, huh? There sure is gratitude in that . . . 

TOP SECRET INFO (shhhh. . .  tell everyone!): I'm starting to believe that there's really no such thing as falling anymore--'cuz each time we fall, it means we have to get back up--which is precisely what makes us stronger. In other words, the FALL is necessary to the recovery and the recovery makes us better climbers. Kinda wierd, huh? 

Sometimes, it sure is nice to hang and climb with close friends and acquaintances, too; but ultimately, I know the climb is mostly my own . . . and that I'm never really alone . . . even if it feels that way once in a while.
Sometimes I climb fast, other times slowly, and sometimes I just gotta rest, look at the view, and look back down the mountain at where I've been (& that can be kinda dangerous 'cuz it makes me dizzy & sick to look back); it's good when I can keep my eye on moving forward--or even better, if I pay attention to right where I am.

Pretty profound this climbing stuff . . . after all, perspectives really do change everything . . . cArRy oN, bRaVE oNe!

hEaRts!  ;) Dana

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