Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Mother's Day Gifts!

Dear Peeps;

Thought I'd share with you what I got from my daughter Chloe for Mother's Day (see above). It's called a Wordle, and my daughter made it in the shape of a shoe (we both LOVE shoes!) with words inside that she used to describe me. I was so surprised!

Here are the words she used for ME, her super lucky Momma!--
  • Mom
  • fun
  • helpful
  • amazing
  • lovable
  • daring
  • leader
  • beautiful
  • Irish
  • spiritual
  • pretty
  • exciting
  • weird
  • silly
  • crazy
  • awesome
  • caring
  • special
  • nice
  • funny 
  • brave
  • loving 
  • creative

I'm gonna check out this list on the days when I feel like a crappy Mom--and remind myself that my daughter thinks I'm all of these awesome things (on a good day . . . ), and that my best is pretty darn good (even on a bad day . . .). 

My son, Max, made me this card. It says:
Happy Mother's Day!
From: Max
Dear Mom,
I luv you all of the time, (except when you're being a *hoverbot.)
I heart you!                                                                                   --Max

*hoverbot is our code word for when Max feels like I am "hovering" or micromanaging him too much--like a helicopter parent! It's been a great tool for me to know when to back off a bit.
p.s. Max told me that he secretly still loves me even when I am a hoverbot.

What gifts! I'm so grateful . . . Thanks, Chloe & Max!

Love you to the moon and back . . . ;0)

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