Tuesday, September 11, 2012

aNgELs R aMonG us . . .

Got Angels?
Got Angels?

hEy anGeLs on eArTh!

One of my super duper fav students sent me this picture from her webcam last month and it had the tagline,"Do you believe?"

"Of course!" I responded.

I must admit . . . I do believe in angels, . . . but not in devils, actually. And, I do believe in heaven, but not really in hell, actually. 

Angels have showed up for me all my life, and I sometimes didn't even recognize them. They're sneaky like that, yo! Angels are stealthy, sometimes, like cats . . . and they can come in many disguises. 

Some of us have angels on earth . . . for example, one of my healers told me years ago that my mom is one of my angels on earth (OMG! can you believe it? my MOM?). So, Mom is actually one of my angels (Mom, I don't think I've ever told you this, but isn't that amazing, and the truth?). Very cool. I'm glad my mom and I are finally fast friends. My healer told me that my mom would be instrumental in helping me transition my kids to two households (I was going through a divorce) and be a partner to me in helping them feel safe and loved during that time; and guess what? TRUE DAT! Thanks, Mom.

I also have an angel that walks with me daily. Her name is Alliyah, and she is a beautiful, shiny, loving spirit. My dad's spirit also dances with me often--he died in my twenties. I have his very gross and outside-the-box potty sense of humor that helps me be a really crazy and random teacher and human being in general (I can outburp all of you!).

I also have three little boy spirits that float above my shoulders. These are the little boy babies I lost through miscarriages between the birth of my two very blessed children, Max & Chloe. It's okay. They are still such a big part of me.

Anyway, I have an angel calendar from Doreen Virtue, and I flip it every day to get a message from my angels. Today, it said this:

Finding a feather, a coin, a stopped clock,
moved objects in your home, lights flickering,
the television set turning off or on independently,
or other visual oddities 
lets you know that one of us is saying,
"Hello, I am here."

So, what I mean to say, is: PAY ATTENTION. To me, everything matters. When I find a penny, I take it as a sign that my angels are winking at me. When a clock stops, I take it as a sign that I need to slow down or take things at my own pace. When I overhear a conversation between strangers, I pay attention as if I am hearing a message from the Universe.

I feel so blessed by all my encounters. Can you?
Lots of LovE!

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