Monday, September 3, 2012

u r a miRACLe . . . & ON PURPOSE!

wE  r EaCh a MiraCLe!

Dear Fun & Free Peeps!

Can you believe this picture? 
Can you understand that you were born a MirAcLe . . . and on PurPoSe?

There is no One like y0u on the planet or in the UniVerse, so why can't you let your amazing light shine? You are an amazing and miraculous being?!

My daughter has diabetes and she is a miracle (I had three miscarriages between Max and Choe . . . miracle? AbSoLuTeLy!). And she loves math and plays guitar (and is super funny!).

My son has asthma and he is also a miracle and he plays bass and clarinet (and he makes me laugh until I pee!).

I am a divorced mom who used to have an eating disorder and I am sometimes sad and stressed out, and I randomly dance and sing (and laugh with my kids and have family Wii bowling!).  Miraculous? YES SIRREE!

I am figuring out that I don't have to work so hard anymore. I just need to be the me that I am, and that is a gift enough for my kids, my partner, my students, and my friends. It's the best I can do . . . ON PURPOSE.

everything is a miracle. . . even the crappy stuff!

My son told me today that I see everything as a smile. . . and he sounded a bit sarcastic. I asked him what he meant and he told me, "Mom, you always look at the positive side of everything." And it's true. I do.

You will have an amazing day! I heart you!


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