Thursday, February 14, 2013

aBoUt LoVe! Happy Valentines Day!

Hey Happy Valentiners!

Have you ever noticed that many people spend a lot of their time focusing on things they don’t like or what bothers them--instead of the good stuff that surrounds them? Sometimes, we are that person . . . either focusing on negative stuff about ourselves (mean inner (S)ELF) or other people. 

If we don't catch it, this behavior can drain us of our energy FAST!!!! 
Today let's celebrate: 

WhAt We LoVE!

Check out this vid from SoulPancake
(of the OprahWinfreyNetwork)
a team of people who basically share the love . . .
I personally like to write every day. Do you have a journal? If you want, take out a piece of paper and for each category, list three things you LoVe!
3 activities you LoVe:

3 foods you LoVe:

3 people you LoVe:

3 books you LovE:

3 songs you LoVe:
3 objects you LoVe:
3 things you LovE about your life:
3 things you LovE about yourself:
Did you know that our thoughts make a huge difference in how we feel? So, if we choose amazing thoughts, it can help us feel, well . . . amazing!
 What if: Every time you felt mad, or irritated, or even sad, lonely, or tired.  .  . You looked at your list of things you LoVe and chose to focus on being psyched for all the good stuff  instead of being miserable?
What amazing shifts might occur?

Just sayin'...
Lots of LoVe!


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