Saturday, February 9, 2013

eAt wItH yOuR pReSenCe!

Dear Fun FreE Peeps!
So what brings you into the pResEnt moment? Usually, it's when we witness something really intense, or when we play a sport we lOvE, or do an activity that is our pAsSiOn (like writing this bLoG for me...).

What if I challenge yOu, yO . . . to be present when you EaT?

To many of us in our busy lives ingest food and don't really appreciate and bless the  gift of our DAILY BREAD. 

Above you will see pictures of my amazing dinner this evening: SUSHI!

What I know about SUSHI is very limited, but this is what I DO know:
  • my best friend and I were served ART for dinner--yes, ART. Our meal was pretty, beautifully presented, and as we witnessed our SUSHI chefs at KOBE creating our meal, it was like watching ballet.
  • the men who made our meals were amazingly HUMBLE--they smiled at us and asked us if we were happy and whether the sushi was delicious.
  • because I am not totally good with chopsticks, I have to really pay attention as I eat (or nothing will get into my mouth!). I appreciate and am grateful for my meal.
The go(o)d news, is that we can choose to be present to whatEvEr is in front of us . . . so that whatever or whomever is placed in our pAtH gets our fULL AttEnTiOn.

ANd then, magically, time drops off. TOdaY: give yourself a present--fEeL your preSence! What do you give your timeless presence? Leave me a comment and share with our peeps!

luv ya!

;) Dana

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