Friday, February 22, 2013

lOvE yOu(rSeLf)!

I will love you no matter what.
I will love you if you are stupid,
if you slip and fall on your face,
if you do the wrong thing,
if you make mistakes,
if you behave like a human being 
-- I will love you no matter.
--Leo Buscaglia

Dear Dana,
I am writing this LovE leTTer to you from your higher self. It’s me!
I know you’ve felt alone at times, although I’ve been here all along. Those clunky lonely spots have brought you back to me, and they are reminding you how to continually reach deeper and deeper to connect with your own source of Radical Self-Love.
Who knew that loving yourself is the only way to give love to others? We’ve been a bit backwards about that, haven’t we? And we know better now . . . we’ve had so many amazing teachers and signs, and it’s go time for the Dana Revolutionary Self-Care Extravaganza! (Mastin’s words from months ago . . .)
The poem above reminded me that before we give awesome loVe to others, we must first give it to ourselves: NO MATTER WHAT. No matter if we are STUPID or DO THE WRONG THING or MAKE MISTAKES.
We are human and that makes us less than perfect; and in this imperfection, ironically, we can find our own sense of being PERFECTLY ourselves. Nobody can be better at being YOU! You are the expert! 
So how are you going to take care of yourself today? Will you:
  • take a lavender bath?
  • meditate?
  • eat some deliciously prepared food?
  • write in your journal?
  • listen to beautiful music?
  • read?
  • sing and dance?
  • take a nap? 
  • JusT be?
You are growing and learning and that's how it's meant to be. 
Breathe in deep and celebrate your amazing life, sweetheart!!
So much love,

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