Sunday, March 17, 2013

bE aMazing yOu!

dEar aMazing & gOOd lOOkinG and sUpeR sPaRkLy fuN & frEE pEEps! 

I have a really weird and amazing idea for all of you today. I dare you to be your authentic self . . . for 1 hour. Sounds easy, right?

Hmmnnn . . . let's unpack it a bit.

That means,
  • checking in with yourself every moment, or at least every time you make a decision, to ensure that you, beautiful and amazing you, are in your own unique integrity in this world
  • making decisions based on you . . . rather than what
    • other people will approve of
    • other people will think is the "right" choice
    • will make others like you
    • feels the easiest (unless you need it to be easy)
    • is automatically ANTI (for those of us who don't like to be told what to do so we choose the radical or OTHER position)
    • your parents would have wanted you to do
    • others might need
  • being free to express yourself, for example . . 
    • I was shopping with some friends today and one friend said something sosososo ridiculous that I burst out laughing! 
    • Looking around at people staring at me, I apologized  . . .  and then kept on laughing my a@# off . . . even the fancy botoxed (NO JUDGEMENT...I love Botox!) high-heeled designer shopper eventually began to chuckle with me!
    • being sad & sappy if I need to
  • asking for help when I need it
  • saying sorry and knowing I'm wrong
  • taking care of me FIRST, SO I have stuff to GIVE (the opposite of what I learned growing up!)
WE R ALL AMAZING! How do we forget that? It's crazy!
 Can  You let go of the story of your own un-amazingness?
Let me know in the comments!


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