Monday, March 11, 2013

gOt LaUgHtEr?

Max with bacon moustache!
Dear FunFreePeeps--

Today I've been laughing . . . a lot. And I would venture to add that laughter is one of my most holy daily practices.

From the minute I lie awake in the morning and ask myself (or someone asks me), "What's going on?" and all throughout the day, I JUST HAVE TO LAUGH.

My life is my self-created drama, and It's just not that serious anymore. 

As Shakespeare wrote:
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances . . .

Case in point: I was actually at a terrible Shakespeare play today . . . which was really expensive! I have 3rd row season tickets! Oy!

After a fabulous lunch with my mom, we sat down and the man behind us started farting. And he proceeded to fart throughout the entire production!

I, of course, being the super immature (love potty humor) 50-year-old eighth grade English teacher, thought it was hilarious! I wasn't laughing AT him; I was simply laughing at the fact that HE WAS PASSING GAS DURING A THE-AY-TER (insert fancy snobbish voice!) PERFORMANCE!  

I was actually beside myself!

[Insert Irony].

Anyway, I kept nudging my mom every time he farted, which was every couple of minutes, and my mom whispered ('cuz the play was so bad); "That's exactly what I think of this play!"

More laugh-until-I-cry laughter ensued. It was painful, but awesome 'cuz I love laughing. At one point, we were scared that there wasn't an intermission so we could quietly put ourselves out of our misery and leave! 

Mom leaned over and said," What if there's not an intermission?"

I replied, "Then we are just supposed to be here. Stop sighing. It makes it worse."

(thank Go(o)dness there was an intermission!)

We escaped during intermission. I went over to my neighbor's house after the play, and she was surprised that my mom and I left in the middle. BUT GUESS WHAT?

I get to choose how I spend my time and the play felt uncomfortable, violent, and I felt sick after only half. SO . . . 

I came home, cooked an amazing dinner for the man I love, took a lavender bath to get off the ISH . . . and sat down to write this silly BLOG. 

I love you ALL!

Back to the laughter:

Laughter Meditation

Find a comfortable place to sit. Bring your attention to your breathing; watch your breath as you slowly breathe in and out.
Bring your attention to your belly; breathe as if your belly is filling up with water. As you breathe, let go of any tension that you may have in your body.
Now bring up an image of something you find really funny. Then once you have that feeling, try to spread it throughout your entire body.
Then bring up another image of something you find to be hilarious. Again, work on spreading that feeling throughout your entire body.
Keep breathing and working on noticing the feeling of laughter inside your body. This simple meditation will help you to carry this feeling throughout your day. This will reduce stress, build strong relationships, and give you a greater sense of well-being.

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