Friday, May 3, 2013

Be in Your Present!

It's an interesting journey!
hEy tHere!

Isn't this a coOL picture! I lOvE it! . . . so, we have to finally reach a point where we break free from our past and step into love for ourselves. 

After all, we have to LOVE oUrSelves b4 we can love and give to others, right? When I look at this amazing picture, I can see that it's pretty dang dark! and cloudy, too (SPOOKY!) almost like a storm has just passed . . . 


oh, and here's the Go(o)d news:

in this picture, the sun is right ahead of me, reaching down with her amazing sun-ray-beams (made up word) of light . . .
 . . . I can see the light ahead!
and (extra bonus!)
. . . I can actually SEE the road (metaphor: my path). yAy!

p.s. I'm not always sure where the road leads, but at least I can see a few feet in front of me . . . thanks Universe!

Love the Journey!

TOP SECRET INFORMATION: I have actually been losing a lot of sleep lately cuz' I keep worrying about stuff I can't control. I lie awake at night and practice deep belly breathing to try to get back to sleep. I need to dream & LET GO!

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