Thursday, May 16, 2013

It'S MoMMy & ChLoE TiMe !

Mommy & Chloe Time . . .
Dear Peeps!

I had such a special opportunity today to spend some one-on-one time with my daughter, Chloe. Her brother, Max, is in Chicago on a field trip for the next few days, so we decided to have an adventure together today after school (I have to admit that I took a nap first). 

We went to the Salon and got pedicures together. Chloe and I sat side-by-side in massage chairs and we read fashion magazines and exchanged stories from the day--mine at my school where I teach 8th grade, and Chloe's in her 3rd grade class. Chloe went to do a service project with her teacher today at Feed My Starving Children and I continued to teach my 8th graders a compare and contrast essay, and I introduced the language of poetry to them in a short presentation. Max was off on the coach to Chicago at 7 o'clock this morning on a band field trip adventure--his first overnight trip out-of-state, away from both Mom and Dad (rumor has it that Max and Chloe were both looking forward to a break from each other!). 

After we got our toes done, Chloe and I went down the street to Hello Pizza--the newest and greatest venue in the hood. It was yummy! Chloe had amazing cheese pizza and I had a tri-color salad--we both topped off our meal with a soft-serve cone with homemade dark-chocolate sauce. The best part was we got to sit next to a family with two twin boys who were Chloe's age; we chatted about school, Minecraft, summertime activities, and zombies (true!?).

Anyway, it was great spending special time with Chloe--and I will make a point of doing it more often with each of my beautiful kids; it gives them the message that I care enough to make time to be present with them alone, and that's an important message from me as their mom.

How do you help your kids feel special? We all need ideas for that! Share your experiences and ideas on the blog . . .


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