Monday, May 13, 2013

Got Commitment?

“Ninety-nine percent commitment is not possible.
We are either 100 percent or not committed at all.
I was amazed to discover this, because I had made a lifestyle
out of tepid commitments that turned out to be non-commitments. 

I was just conning myself that I was partly committed.

I had adapted to the pain of early rejection with the decision ‘Don’t play.’

If I didn’t play, I wouldn’t have to face losing.
And if I were forced to play, I could always play halfheartedly.
If I lost, I could say it didn’t matter, because I wasn’t trying.

It took me many years to realize that I wasn’t even in the game if I was not committed.
My body might have been out on the field, but my soul was on the bench.
Soulless play is worse than no play at all.”

 ~ Gay Hendricks from Conscious Living

Dear Peeps;

Just to let you know that I am guest blogging today at The Daily Love, so check it out and leave a comment; I'd really appreciate it. The blog is about when my daughter, Chloe, and I were caught smack dab in the rain one day--and we celebrated it!

What are you 100% committed to? Can you name some things that hold your complete dedication? I personally have dabbled in a lot of things throughout my life; I really didn't realize it until one of my mentors, Mastin Kipp, encouraged me to ask myself this question: 

Are you a dabbler or a master?

The difference between the two for me is a matter of commitment, which brings me the idea of perfection. One of the things that has prevented me from mastery is my tendency to make the expectations for myself so high so that I set myself up for failure. And then I have told myself, "Screw it!" and quit whatever it is I attempted to commit myself to. This is a very convenient, albeit unconscious, excuse to perpetuate bad habits, self-defeating behaviors, unhealthy relationships, and poor self-esteem. It's also a self-destructive, self-perpetuating cycle.

In the segment from Hendricks' book, she describes the manner by which we con ourselves BEFORE we even get on the playing field. The good news is, that once we are aware of this pattern in ourselves, we can take a step back and observe ow this pattern has served to protect us from our fears--ond only then can we move through it to the other side . . . with commitment to what we have to change that will serve our highest Go(o)d.

In the past few years, I've made some large commitments, mostly to myself:
  • to speak my truth to the best of my ability
  • to care for myself in spirit, mind, and body
  • to evolve and grow, and surround myself with others who are on this path
  • to be honest with myself
  • to live a life full of love, gratitude, service, and generosity
  • to love myself and set boundaries in relationships, work, and expectations 
What have you committed yourself to? Leave a comment and share your story!

Lots of Love,

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