Sunday, July 14, 2013

Finding balance . . .

Dear FunFreePeeps;

Still in the desert; I think I may be here awhile. Thinking about giving and getting. 

I know I am rich with blessings, but I feel depleted and, just let me say, RAW--like raw hamburger. 

Too much giving; not enough receiving.

Too much thinking; not enough feeling.

Too much doing; not enough being.

Don't get me wrong; I take responsibility.

This is my time. This is my season. And, it always has been. Didn't know.

I have to stop trying to FIX it all RIGHT NOW, and just BE with myself.

In the desert picture above, there is both light and dark--essentially, one cannot exist without the other. Just as sun and shade coexist and complement each other, there are unlimited shades in-between where balance can be found. The Yin and the Yang.
I am looking for that balance here, and I need to be patient. Still breathing.


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