Saturday, July 27, 2013

tAke Care oF yOurSeLf . . .

Dear Readers;

This cartoon totally got my attention yesterday when it landed in my mailbox. The giraffe--in all its smart giraffy-ness--has decided to bring the leaf pizza to the party so he has something to eat!

Instead of complaining about the lack of giraffe treats, or just sucking it up and eating non-giraffe stuff, he has decided to take care of himself and bring to the table something that HE desires.

Is he selfish? Is he downright rude? 

Nah . . . he's just taking care of himself so he can be present at the party AND have something delicious to nosh on. Not only that, but he's also sharing it with his fellow guests AND (BONUS!) he's giving it as a gift to the hostess.

Hmnnn . . . that's the best example of paying it forward that I've seen for awhile. Those giraffes have some good stuff to teach us, huh?

What if the lesson from the giraffe is that: 

We must learn to FIRST bring to the table (in our relationships, our self-care, fill in the ______) all the G(o)OD stuff that we, ourselves, desire? This is our present (presence) to the Universe.

Just a thought . . .
;) Dana

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