Friday, July 5, 2013


Everyone's a giant, everyone's powerful, everyone's trying, everyone's learning,
everyone's worthy, everyone's loved, and everyone... loves you.
Dana Lynne, everyone is me.

Who else,
     The Universe
© ®

And I, Dana Lynne, is you... OK, am you.

Dear Readers;

Still in the desert, and still okay.

Above is my morning message from the Universe, which reminds me that every time I look at someone else's "faults," as well as someone else's "gifts," it's all projection created by, well, me--Dana.

And it follows that each "fault" is also part of me, and each "gift" is also part of me. 

Same same with what others say, feel, or think about me.

Which takes me back to focusing on myself, giving that which I want to myself--and then sharing my love with others.

The desert is amazing. And quiet. 

The fear of the desert is the scary part. And it's not real.



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