Saturday, July 6, 2013

Put the U in trUst!

Desert Oasis
Dear Readers;

I'm learning a lot in the desert, and one thing I am remembering is that when I was a kid, I used to watch movies where people were sentenced to die in the desert, like Moses in The Ten Commandments, for example. I don't know a lot about desert life, and I'm certainly no expert at the Bible, but I do recall that  Moses' death was an expected result of his banishment.

I also recall that Moses, at the depths of his agony and despair while traveling through the desert saw oases, which were illusory, but which sustained him because they gave him hope. Sometimes illusions sustain us, even if they do not serve our highest good, even if we do not realize they are illusions. They can be found in bad habits, relationships that do not support us, addictive behaviors, and dishonesty with ourselves, to name a very few. Once we realize they are illusions, we can put them down and choose in a more conscious manner.

While illusions helped Moses persevere until he was found collapsed at the bottom of Mount Sinai, it was there that life breathed back into him, where he found love, and where he was met with kindness and compassion before he began his historical ascent.

Expected to die, Moses was reborn throughout his journey, and returned from the desert a stronger, more courageous and intent figure after meeting the God of Abraham. We might never know where our journeys may bring us, but we can trust that the Universe knows our path better than we do.

What if you were to be open & grateful for every situation and person in your life as it were a planful, holy encounter--secretly sending you a lesson or message for your highest good? How GO(o)D would that be?


Dana ;)

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