Thursday, March 26, 2015

(de)tatch-ment . . . from drama . . .

"There is nothing either good or bad,
but thinking makes it so."
~William Shakespeare

I have been on a huge learning curve lately. Let's just say that the drama factor has been cranked up a notch in my life lately . . . which really, I now understand, is actually a good thing! A blessing . . .

Know why? 'Cuz it has given me the opportunity to practice DE-TACHMENT--which has been one of my blind spots (or shall we call it one of my "growth opportunities" . . .) over the course of my life!

Here's the toxic, barfy, painful, f#@&inG stupid pattern:
  1. DRAMA ENSUES (insert any dramatic event here . . . a fight, someone says something mean about me, someone doesn't like me, I don't win, I'm sick, I'm wrong, I make a mistake . . . etc!)
  2. I enter fully into drama and get sucked up into the storm . . . trying to "fix" everything, make people like me again, convince others that I'm okay, over-apoligize, feel ashamed, try to make it up to everybody . . .etc!
  3. I obsess about the drama . . . lose sleep, talk about it too much, convince others that I'm "right" . . . or, it's "okay" . . .
  4. I feel bad about obsessing about the drama . . . now it's become drama once removed . . . META-DRAMA . . . you know, drama about the drama?
  5. Repeat cycle.
With the drama in the past week, I've been able to make some shifts in this shi(f)tty pattern of mine. 
Yeah me! I'm actually looking at the drama like a bystander--like I'm watching a bad, or slightly sick play . . . and I'm not taking the drama personally (well, actually I started to, but this time I ACTUALLY CAUGHT MYSELF!).

And now, as my bff would say: All is well

I'm okay!@ 'Cuz I'm choosing my thoughts carefully and remaining in my calm spot. 


I'm glad I'm at choice and not just RE:ACTING (this time). As Deepak Chopra writes:

"Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way,
ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past
or a pioneer of the future."

How do you remain at choice when DRAMA ENSUES!? Are you a prisoner or a pioneer? (leave a comment and let me know! . . .)

Still learning ;) lol!

(nondrama) Dana

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