Sunday, March 29, 2015

GoT GirAfFe?

Last week I was at the Lincoln Park Zoo.


The most incredible part of my trip was BE-ing PRESENT with a pair of GIRAFFES.

I live in Minnesota, and at the Minnesota Zoo, the animals roam free, and so they are very far away.

At the Lincoln Park Zoo, the giraffes were literally feet away. I saw directly into their big, beautiful foot-long eye-lashy eyes.

I could have stayed for hours. Their gaze was so magnificent, present, and powerful.

They chewed grass, blinked their eyes, and remained present with me as I watched them.

I want to be present to the people in my life--just like the giraffes. I wish people in my life are as present to me as giraffes.

They stared directly down into my soul.

Thank you. I am so grateful.


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