Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On Melting II . . .

Notably, I wrote about the Wicked Witch melting yesterday (insert metaphor for LIFE, in all its juicy-ness). And I described the meltdowns that were occurring around me . . .

But there's more to the story.

For those of you who have seen the Broadway musical Wicked, we know that the "wicked" witch has a backstory.

Don't we all?

And, . . . it's so super satisfying and comforting to know that someone ELSE is THE badass (d)EVIL witch. 

Not us. No---never.

Just like we don't want to look at our own pain--we don't want to look at the dark side(s) of our own nature. Better to call someone else THE WICKED WITCH.

I would offer that as we want to KILL THAT (other than us) WICKED WITCH, we also want to meet and slay our own shadows. But it's easier to go after someone else, am I right? (insert virtual knuckles or high five . . . in a sad and serious way . . .)

This is how we learn. It's all MiRRoRs:sRoRRiM.

This song is scary and violent--but we as an audience are so interested in "othering" THE WICKED WITCH that we buy into it . . . and we want to crucify and kill her.

So do I, sort of. But what I'm realizing, is that it's not about her. It's about me.

I don't want to kill and crucify her; I want to have empathy--because there's more his(story) to her(story).

Easy? NOT.

Check out these lyrics. Violence begets violence; and revenge is an excuse for violence. Note WAR metaphor: EYE FOR AN EYE, RIGHT?

Go and hunt her
And find her
And kill her

(spoken) Good fortune, Witch Hunters!

Go and hunt her
And find her
And kill her

(spoken) Kill the Witch!

Wickedness must be punished
Evil effectively eliminated
Wickedness must be punished
Kill the Witch!

(spoken) And this is more than just a service to the Wizard.
I have a personal score to settle with Elphaba...with
The Witch!

(sung) It's due to her I'm made of tin
Her spell made this occur
So for once I'm glad I'm heartless
I'll be heartless killing her!


And the lion also
Has a grievance to repay
If she'd let him fight his own battles
When he was young
He wouldn't be a coward today!

Kill her! Kill the witch!

Wickedness must be punished
Brave Witch-Hunters, I would join you if I could
Because Wickedness must be punished
For good!

~Wicked, 2003

I know this is long, and you don't have to read the entirety, but here's her powerful monologue which describes her backstory:

I am Elphaba. What? What are you looking at? Okay…I know. I know I’m green. No I am not seasick! Yes I’ve been green ever since I was born and I didn’t eat grass when I was little. Everyone is always looking…staring… Why are you people so judgmental?
This is who I am. People say I’m a rebel, I speak my mind even if I know it will make me some enemies.  I believe in equality. What if you’re green? What if you’re a goat like Dr. Dillamond? Or rich and popular like Glinda the good? To the world, all those things matter, but to me we are all equal and made perfect because of our imperfection. I desire discrimination to be history! To be a thing of the past! I want to change how people see things and I want to change the ideals of the world!
All I’ve ever wanted in life was to be accepted for who and what I am.  Every day there is one question that stirs people’s minds. A question pointed at me that they cannot erase from their hearts—Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them? That is what bothers them and let me answer that. No, I never wanted to be wicked or even be called that and in my heart I know I’m not! I’m just a regular, normal girl wanting to be accepted by society and loved for being me, for being green.
But the world has a mind of it’s own and when you’re flesh is not actually flesh but green like mine, The sad and inevitable fact is, you’d have to wake up every single day knowing that people will look down on you and discriminate you.  You don’t know what is in my heart!  All you see is this green exterior and I hate people for having narrow minds and closed hearts.  Can’t you see I’m human too? I have feelings like you, I cry when I’m sad, I laugh when I think things are funny. I’m normal! Can’t you see that? but obviously no one notices.
No matter how hard I try to act normal, I know I’m special and people take that differently.  You don’t understand me and it breaks my heart every time I try to do good because all you see is bad not because you see my heart but because you see I’m green.  I can read spells and do magic.  That is my curse and my gift.  Once I have been tricked… deceived and asked to do a spell that completely took me by surprise and way beyond my conviction.   All I wanted was to help and not hurt the animals but that day changed my life and here I am now, seen by all as a Wicked person, nothing more.
Glinda and Fiyero…the two people in this world closest to my hearts aside from my sister Nessa Rose of course.  But Glinda… though we started off on the wrong foot she became my best friend. Can you imagine being so different from a person and yet be accepted for what you are? I didn’t have to hide anything from Glinda…It seems so fresh and alive in my mind, like it was only yesterday when we were students in Shiz and there are times when I feel sad not knowing where she is now, how she is now. Even though we had to part ways because of our differences, She was my only best friend and she helped me change for good. And Fiyero…Oh Fiyero…He gave me hope in love.  Never in my life of being green and discriminated against did I imagine I could be loved as much as he loved me.
Wherever they are, I hope they’re happy and well. If not for them I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Don’t get your hopes up! I am still who I am.  Nothing changed, the stares are still piercing every time I show myself in public, But you know how people are, they will always be judgmental and discriminating.
Today I know the world hates me. Tomorrow I know they will fear me. I am as green as ever shining like a bright emerald.  I have full of love in my heart but I cannot change the views of the world and because my friend Glinda the good gives hope to the people of Oz, I have to do my part and give gloom and murk into their lives even though it is not in my heart to do so.  Despite our differences and the way the world sees us, Glinda is my best friend and I love her.  Because of her friendship, acceptance and love for me, I can say I have been truly freed from all the bad stares and the corrupt judgement of the world.  I am Elphaba, The Wicked witch of the west and today I am soaring high, I am defying gravity, liberating and letting go because I am free.
Are you free? Can you detach from what the world imposes on you? Or, what you impose on yourself? ow can we learn to LoVe it aLL?

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