Tuesday, March 17, 2015

All is Well . . .

Today I meditated for the first time in a while, and my topic was gratitude for deep cosmic connections--these are the synchronicities that occur in everyday life in the small, somewhat quiet (and sometimes LOUD) spaces. We can often miss if we are not present and paying attention. I got an amazing and delicious reminder from the Universe (tut.com) one day--as I write those statements (in black), here are the intuitive messages that were whispered to  me (those are in red, of course. . .)
The Top 10 things about time and space, Dana Lynne,
that most people seem to forget...

10. You chose to be here and you knew what you were doing. So everything in my life is purposeful and I chose the events, circumstances, and relationships, too. Everything happens for a reason and there aren't any coincidences--even the seemingly crappy stuff.  And, there must be a divine purpose for my existence on the planet at this time. That means I can relax into the present and gently let go fear and anxiety. All is well . . .

9. There are no "tests" and you're not being judged. This means I can stop worrying that there's always a right answer? Maybe my harshest judge is myself, and I need to learn how to be more loving to me--Dana! 
p.s. If I do feel judged, it might be a projection of mine, and if another person judges me, it's not about me?

8. Everyone's doing their best, with what they know. That "everyone"includes both me and others-- I can quit judging others (oops) and myself--but that doesn't let me off the hook to stop behaviors that no longer serve me. Especially when we spend more time with our loved ones, our issues and buttons become magnified, and I find myself projecting judgement onto others--this is how the Universe holds up a mirror to me for my own growth.

7. You already have whatever you're looking for. I need to practice gratitude on a daily, even a momentary basis. I am so so blessed! I have everything I need. And, when I choose gratitude, I get more of the juicy stuff back from the Uni-verse.

6. You are of the Divine, pure God, and so is everyone else. We all lead a holy existence . . . each of our lives is a prayer (see red part on #1 for more info!)

5. Religion needs spirituality; spirituality does not need religion. Might mean that spirituality is bigger than religion? But I think many sacred practices come from the rich traditions of many religions. What gets us in trouble, I think, is when we expect others to embrace the spiritual and religious constructs we believe, or that there is only one right way to celebrate God/The Uni-verse (insert your semantic here!). 

4. You're naturally inclined to succeed - at everything you do. Reminds me of Chopra's law of least resistance--when I am in the flow of life and accepting what IS, I can choose actions to support my intentions and give attention to my heart's desires.

3. You happen to life, life does not happen to you. I am a co-creator--not a victim. I can choose to be empowered through conscious action; I am not a victim of circumstance . . . I can choose my actions and reactions to lIfE! 

2. Order, healing, and love belie every moment of chaos, pain, and fear. Everything happens for a reason, and learning is the key--otherwise I'll get the same lesson presented over and over . . . thanks, Uni-verse!

1. Following your heart is the best way to help others. I might have more peace & be better informed in life when I follow my gut and my heart rather than listen to the craziness that happens in my little bratty monkey mind. When I follow my heart, I can align my choices with my authentic, higher self, be truer to myself, and share my gifts with the world. This is the best way for my to serve others, which is the most important reason I am here (See #1).
The truth shall set you free,
The Universe
© www.tut.com ®

When each of us takes steps toward our highest purpose and our heart's desires--all while serving others with our unique gifts, we can trust that all is well, and trust that the Uni-verse is creating the circumstances and relationships that will serve our highest good.


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