Sunday, March 22, 2015

Embrace Change

I sure have learned a lot from the amazing and beautiful creature, the butterfly! It's incredible--they start out as lowly earthbound creatures, only to weave a cocoon around themselves tightly in preparation for their transformation into

fanciful flight!

(which isn't to say that caterpillars are less than
or less bEaUtiFuL than butterflies!)

One thing I have noticed about change, is that it's never on my own tImELinE (surprise, surprise . . .). Usually, I want something to be different, like YESTERDAY--It could be something about myself, my life, or even somebody else (btw none of my dang business on the last one . . . I've learned that the hard way).
Remember: We spend a lot of time and energy trying to change, but Divine Timing has it's own lovely meter--sometimes SUPER QUICK-LIKE, and sometimes feels like

                                          R . . .

How could we ever know when someone else is ready, for anything?...Especially since we, ourselves, don't often know when we're ready for _____? 
Maybe other people's timing is just none of our business.

takes time
that nature
(AKA The Universe)
knows what it's doing!

Here is a lesson about one man's attempt to "help" speed up and rescue the process of a butterfly's transformation--
The consequence of the man's interfering with Divine Timing? . . . the butterfly ends up being banished to the earth forever. Just maybe has something to teach us about trusting time...for ourselves and for others:

Embrace and trust change: You are right where you need to be, and so are your fellow travelers!


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