Wednesday, April 1, 2015

There's No Place Like ho(ME)!

"There's no place like ho(ME)."

For some reason, the iconic imagery from The Wizard of Oz is reminding me once again about the lessons from this epic tale about Dorothy's heroic journey back to herSelf--a journey we all must repeatedly face throughout our lives.

In this tale, Dorothy feels lost in her own skin, and she travels into the DREAMTIME to enter a search for her ho(ME). She lands in Munchkinland and accidentally kills a supposedly (. . see yesterday's blog) evil witch, for which she is heralded and celebrated. 
Yay! (maybe . . .)

What she really wants after she lands in the strange land, is to return back HOME.

Throughout her journey, she meets three likeminded travelers: namely, the Scarecrow, who seeks a brain; the TinMan, who seeks a heart; and the Lion, who seeks courage.

Funny thing about when we try to fill ourselves up and seek affirmations from the OUTSIDE:IN rather then the INSIDE:OUT--it doesn't really work out so well,  it's just never enough.

And, the truth is, that everything we seek is already within us. What happens to our friends as they meet "The Wizard,"--the man whom they believe has THE ANSWER? He basically tells them he is a fraud. Interestingly, he says he's not a bad man . . . just a bad wizard.
In life, what we really need is a way to forgive and save ourselves

Somewhere along the way, I believed that answers were outside of me. Now I know better, and I am so relieved.
I get to be in charge of my ho(ME)!

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