Saturday, April 18, 2015

serV(i)ce . . .

"I hEaRt sErvIcE"
Hey All!
Here're 10 ways to serve others that are all super duper easy and require almost nO-tHing!
  1. give everyone you encounter a genuine smile . . .
  2. do a random act of kiNdness-it feels amazing!
  3. write someone you knOw a LOVe lettEr!
  4. pUt a stIckEr on Ur forEhEaD!
  5. buy the person behind you in in line their cofFee!
  6. gIve someonE a wonderful, genuine cOmpLImenT!
  7. sHare Your icE cReAm!
  8. gIve yoUr friEnd a frUit sNacK!
  9. aLLow someone to pass u in traffIc without getting aLL EMO  (send them LovE!)
  10. randomly dAncE in Public . . . just 'cuz!
How do you serve? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Super Duper Love STuff!

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