Thursday, April 2, 2015

Choose Your Thoughts Wisely! They Create Your Reality!

Happy April!

Check out this video from notsalmonTV about how powerful your thoughts can be in creating your experience and well, your reality . . .

Have you ever been around people who are generally negative? Notice you can feel your frequency or your energy drain around them, like you have a slow leak?

Compare that to when you are surrounded with loving, positive folks who laugh, who smile for no reason, or who are just plain happy to be alive?

Guess what?--WE ACTUALLY CHOOSE OUR FREQUENCY. And, when we choose a positive and light frequency, we attract similar people into our experience. So, if you notice you are surrounded with people who are negative or at a yucky frequency, check in with YOU and ask yourself why YOU are attracting these people into YOUr circle.

Then, SMILE!
            catch yourself, 
                    and make a conscious choice to walk away                                                    (without judgement . . .).

Just sayin'--

Have a beautiful day . . . on purpose!


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