Wednesday, April 22, 2015

trUst Ur hEaRt!

HeY tHerE!

My daughter Chloe made this heart one morning when she was getting stuff together to make a rOcKeT sHiP! Hearts show up a lot for me--in nAtUrE, and, well, everywhere! It reminds me that there's enough love to go around.

Since I've lived up in my head for so long, it's not so easy to get used to listening to my heart (even though I am a heart person . . . ). 

It's like I've shut off a part of myself, and when I am feeling something it's like I'm meeting someone who is vaguely familiar.

My first instinct when I have a feeling,
is to think about it and understand it, 
and then
                                                          tALk mYsElF oUt oF iT!

(like feelings can be reasoned with . . . duh), instead of just allowing myself to feel whatever's in my heart. My BFF reminds me when I have a feeling or hunch about something:
"DoN'T oVeRtHinK iT . . ."

Here's another thing I've noticed . . . (super secret . . .). Sometimes, when I have super yummy amazing and awesome feelings like LoVE, happiNess, or excitement . . . I also go up into my head and sometimes do the same . . .

tALk mYsElF oUt oF iT!
or question it 'cuz I'm afraid of 
trusting the feeling . . .

 I'm practicing feeling it all, and just letting it be . . . whatever it is . . . I'm glad I let myself feel sad, and I'm glad I let the tears come when I need to . . . I am also still facing fears . . . and now when I feel, it won't be so scary. 

Thanks, Universe! I'm so glad I can trust the lessons You are preparing especially FOR me!

Lots of LovE!
;0) Dana

Oh Hey Dar.
It's Chloe. Yes. The amazing girl that this amazing woman talks about. No photography please. So like, yeah. I like Starbucks, going shopping (srsly, I can't stop), singing (I am alot better at singing now that I look back at my web-screen "music videos"), school, and math.

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